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Don’t miss the old town


My wife and I just came home from a trip to Prague, we have been there many years ago but it was surly worth experiencing the city life and the sights again. For those who have not been there is

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Restaurant Review: Czech Kitchen Prague, “Traditional Czech Food”

Ceská Kutchyne)

May 2013 my husband and I visited Prague in the Czech Republic. During our visit we wanted to have some authentic Czech experiences and read about the Czech Kitchen (Ceská Kutchyne) in our trusty Rick Steves Prague book. According to

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The Czech Countryside and 80p beers!

Czech Beer Exoeriences

After finally getting over the worst case of the runs i’ve had in my life, we made a new plan and headed for Telc in the Moravian area of the Czech Republic. Telc (pronounced Telch) is a very cute little

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Not what we expected…

broccoli soup ala czech

Today was our last day and one of our best days in Prague!! The BEST thing happened this morning when we woke up. So I walked into the lounge and Jalila was sitting around with some people and laughing alot. I was like

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