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Don’t miss the old town


My wife and I just came home from a trip to Prague, we have been there many years ago but it was surly worth experiencing the city life and the sights again. For those who have not been there is

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Jizni Mesto – another world

jizni mesto

How is life in the Czech Republic? Most Czech people in Prague lives in the suburbs which are huge residential areas with concrete apartment blogs “in Czech called Panelak”   The areas were built  during Communism where affordable apartments for everyone

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Demijon Great local Bar


This is just a small little local bar that I discovered just up the road from my hotel. Home from home as far as I was concerned, but that is what I always try to find on my forays –

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Prag Impressions

2-9-2014 9-50-14 AM

A three minutes guide to Prague   Read omre about what to do ans see in Prague

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Kolkovna Celnice Restaurant

Kolkovna Celnice Restaurant

INTRODUCTION: Kolkovna Celnice is another of the magnificent Kolkovna restaurants to be enjoyed in Prague and like the others you will notice upon their image the great Pilsner Urguell brand whose unique and outstanding beer is one of the defining

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Carnevale Praha

20. 2. 2014 – 4. 3. 2014 Celebrate the Carnival season in the streets of Prague! The Bohemian Carnevale festival, which is held in Prague every year during the Carnival season at the end of February and beginning of March,

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World Class Hokey HC Lev Praha – Spartak Moskva

HC LEV Praha

04 / 03 / 2014 D[/ The Kontinental Hockey League is an International League, set up in March 2008 to promote the successful development of hockey in Russia and other countries in Europe and Asia. On March 27, 2008 the Hockey

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Restaurant Review: Czech Kitchen Prague, “Traditional Czech Food”

Ceská Kutchyne)

May 2013 my husband and I visited Prague in the Czech Republic. During our visit we wanted to have some authentic Czech experiences and read about the Czech Kitchen (Ceská Kutchyne) in our trusty Rick Steves Prague book. According to

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Not what we expected…

broccoli soup ala czech

Today was our last day and one of our best days in Prague!! The BEST thing happened this morning when we woke up. So I walked into the lounge and Jalila was sitting around with some people and laughing alot. I was like

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