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What to do and see in West Bohemia

The rooms are always available starting approximatelly one week before the beginning of the semester/study period, orientation week included (for learning the exact dates see Academic Calendar, appropriate host faculty websites or contact your host faculty or host department coordinator). Students need not make any special re

Our weekend in Chodsko


Several weeks ago we decided to spend a weekend in Chodsko (Chodland). It is a historic ethnographic area in the surroundings of the town of Domažlice that lies in the west Bohemia.

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Summer in Pilsen


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A Trip to the Techmania


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Traveling back in time


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Uniqueness of the Karlovy Vary Il


Resteaurents and food. We ate mostly at the hotel, as we had ordered a room with breakfast and dinner, in general the food was buffet style , there were good variation in the selection of dishes , but nothing special

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Uniqueness of the Karlovy Vary I


Staying at the hotel Thermal We have been in Prague several times and wanted to try something new so we decided to try to go to Karlovy Vary, we have heard that it should a very beautiful city, Prague but we

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Šumava National Park.


The approximately 120-mile long (200 km) mountain range that separates the Czech Republic from Germany and Austria is called Šumava, which in Czech means “a noise of trees in the wind,” “dense forest” or “murmuring,” according to folk etymolog

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Uniqueness of the Karlovy Vary


The discovery of Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) by Charles IV reads like a 14th-century episode of the old hit TV show The Beverly Hillbillies. According to local lore, the king was out huntin’ for some food when up from the ground came a-bubblin’ water (though

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