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Zorb football in Prague

I was planning a trip to Prague with the group of my students who attend my seminar. I had a plan to stay there for four days. I teach history and some archaeology fields. I always try to find something interesting in towns or cities where we go for a study tour.


It is good for students to experience something physically heavy or something exciting during the tour. Then they are much more willing to perceive the vocational explanation I give them. If we would go for a plain study tour, the students would be bored and would hardly remember fifty percent of information – compared to the amount they remember when we include some experience.


Some time ago I found this advertisement:


“If you have never played the bubble football before you are in for a freaking amazing time! The zorb football, the bumper ball or the bubble football – these are the same names that represent a new sport filled with overdoses of adrenaline and fun! Now You can play with us in Prague! As an addition to an amazing experience we’ll give you some tips, like where to hang out in Prague for the best food, beer and other things you might like.”

I liked this idea, mainly after visiting the advertising video. The players wear the body zorb which is a small zorb covering head and body. Legs are free. The players can hit one another anyway they want to. Even if they are running against one another. It is safe. The only danger is waiting for the legs because they are not protected. But while playing the classical football the danger is the same, maybe higher. Players of the zorb football get the knee protectors. Players must wear some good trainers/sneakers on their feet.


The aim of the game is the same as in the classical football – to give as many goals as possible. This sport was born in Norway. A group of friends decided to wear a personal zorb ball while bumping into each other. Later they got an idea to try playing football while wearing the body zorbs.


I suggested this game to my students and showed them the advertising video. They liked it! And were looking forward to it. We were staying in Prague for four days. I planned this game for the first afternoon. I must say I planned it well. After the first afternoon, when they were playing the zorb football, my students were tired, satisfied and willing to cooperate. We were able to visit many special Prague places that are important for the Czech and European history. The later examinations showed me that they really were able to remember a lot!


How was the game? Absolutely fantastic! Of course, I was playing with them! We enjoyed a lot. We played outdoor at a zorbing playground. We also tried the bubble bowling and the bubble sumo. I was surprised when one student – a girl – was able to defeat me in sumo even if I am certainly heavier than she is. She then told me she trained the power sports… Surprising…

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