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When You Are Enough of Goulash and Beer

Many people go to Prague not only to make some sightseeing or some entertainment but also to eat something delicious and to drink something alcoholic and tasty. Prague is very well known as a city of beer. The Czech Republic belongs to the best beer producers of the world.

Mainly in the sports bars the visitors can get many kinds of Czech and also world beers. A lot of the refreshment places recommend tasting their beer together with a portion of goulash.


But what to do when you are enough of it like I was some time ago? Is there any other typical Czech soft alcoholic drink the visitors can taste in Prague? I am lucky, it is. It is wine. The Czech wine. On my visits to Prague (I go there quite often for my business trips) I began to look for information about the Czech wines. And about the places where I can get them, too.

Many kinds of wine are produced in the Czech Republic. And it is not just ordinary wine. The Czech wines win the European and the world wine competitions quite often. Several grape varieties were bred by the Czech and Moravian winemakers (Pálava, André, Aurelius, Muškát moravský, Neronet). The Czech ice wines (wine produced from the frozen grapes) are amazing.


I was surprised by that because I had never heard much of the Czech wine. My friend (a wine “fan”) later told me that it was not easy to hear about the Czech wines for those people who live abroad. Why?

The wine production is capped by the EU at about 1% of the French production. So there are hardly any exports of Czech and Moravian wine abroad. The Czechs like to keep it all to them. They know the quality of their wine.

And that’s exactly why one of the best things to do in Prague is to visit a wine bar – it was the recommendation of my friend. I followed this recommendation and today I must say it was a good decision. .


The Prague wine bars tend to be intimate, small bars. So I do not have to stay in a crowded and loud restaurant or sports bar. People who go to a wine bar usually behave much quieter that those who go to a place where beer is served. Ii is interesting, isn´t it? On my business trips I must concentrate intensively for many hours a day. So I prefer quiet and intimate places to stay in the evenings.

The wine bars serve good wines from the Bohemian and Moravian wine regions and from abroad, too. I always order Czech wines.  And some delicious speciality to fulfil the taste of the chosen wine.

In the wine bars they also sell some wine gifts, like organic grape seed oils, grape jelly, a small bottle of special Czech or Moravian wine and other products made by the Czech and Moravian winemakers. I always please my girlfriend by such a wine gift.


There are many wine bars even in the heart of Prague. In is not difficult to find them.

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