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Mariensbad, West Bohemia

West Bohemia

West Bohemia is an area where there are many different attractions and things to do and see and the biggest question is often what do you like to visit first? Pilsen (the capital of culture 2015) and home of the beer or the triangle of the famous Czech spas?

Plzen, or Pilsen in the German version, is synonymous with beer and anybody who likes beer will fall in love with Plzeň. Plzen is among other the home of the worked famous beet Pilsner Urquell; and if you visit the city, you must especially make sure to visit the brewery. A visit the Urquell brewery is much more than a factory visit it is a museum restaurant, brewery and museum. There are guided tours (in English, German, French and Czech), every hour where the visitors gets insight in the art of brewing beer and how Plzen made a mistake by not registering his name as many beers they call today or Pilsner. (Pilsner Urquell Brewer)
Apart from beer the city itself the city is also worthy of attention, it is surprisingly harmonious, it is very pleasant to walk. The set of well-preserved ancient buildings architecture lovers delight the eye and just people who like bright colors.

There are also things to see in Plzen as the town has a rich history ranging back to the 13th century. There is a very beautiful church , “the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew” which has a bell tower that is 102 meters high and you can walk up the 300 steps and have a panorama look over the city and see how the clock mechanism of the tower clock. There are a couple of museums where one of them is a beer museum and there is even a museum of horrors, which is full of fairytale characters and terrifying exposures.

The city also have the biggest Synagogue built in Europe which also are worth a visit as well the zoo.



Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary)

Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary) This is one of the best known spa towns in the world, founded in the 14th century by Czech King and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. Thermal and cold springs with curative properties are used for drinking cures, baths and other procedures. The Town is very beautifull and is the perfect place to relax  during a walk along the colonnades, drinking and bathing in the thermal waters. Once upon a time, Western Bohemia was known as the playground of Central Europe’s rich and famous.  Goethe as well as Mozart loved it to be here.


The town also hosts an annual international film festival and tours of the Moser glassworks  and Jan Becher Museum (dedicated to the Becherovka liqueur) are also popular.

Karlovary is also the home of the most known bitter in the country Becherovka.   Production of the Becherovka herb liqueur was begun in Karlovy Vary in 1807. The museum traces the history of production of this well known tipple, and the tour concludes with a tasting session.

Carlsbad, is just one of the many Spar towens in the area  other popular places are  Mariánské Lázně / Marienbad, Františkovy Lázně  / Franzensbad.

Františkovy Lázně

This spa town is named after Austrian Emperor, Franz I. It boasts a chessboard layout and a large number of neo-Classical and Empire buildings.


Marienbad  (Mariánské lázně)

This is a spa town with more than a hundred mineral-rich springs. Several colonnades display distinctive architectural features, the most impressive being the neo-Baroque cast-iron colonnade dating from the late 19th century. Another popular day-trip destination is the Boheminium Miniature Park.


Besides beer and Spa Western Bohemia offers a number of attractive tourist sites: one can find beautiful nature there, where the southwest part of the Krusny Mountains continues to the Sumava mountain range, and one can discover folklore traditions in the district of Chodska.



The Reliquary of St Maurus

This unique piece of artwork, the most precious treasure in the Czech Republic after the crown jewels, is displayed at the castle in Bečov nad Teplou. It is one of the best preserved castles in the Czech lands.




Loket in a village called Loket, you can enjoy a beautiful castle on a hilltop.This town boasts a conservation zone and an early Gothic castle on a rocky promontory above the River Ohře, later given a Renaissance makeover. Here you can view a glass, porcelain and book binding exhibition, and in the prison cells there is a multimedia exhibition of medieval instruments of torture and execution.




Kynžvart Chateau

This grand neo-Classical mansion, which once belonged to the well known Austrian politician and chancellor K. V. Metternich, houses a unique collection of 4,000 curios from across the globe. The chateau is surrounded by an English park dotted with small follies.



The Špalíček and other tourist attractions in Cheb

The cultural and economic centre of West Bohemia is the town of Cheb. Few other towns can boast such fine sights as Cheb Castle with its Black Tower and the symbol of the town – the Špalíček alongside all the other well preserved townhouses, which create a special atmosphere on Cheb’s main square.


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or winter sports you find many possibilities in the Krusny mountins.



Bečov nad Teplou Castle

Bečov nad Teplou Castle




Loket castle

Besides Spqa and bas  area gas a beautiful nature castles and towns with Charning old buildings

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