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Watching sports in the Prague sports bars

Are you afraid that if you travel to Prague you will not be allowed to watch the world´s sport events in a perfect common atmosphere as you are used to from your home town or home country? You do not have to be. Really. You can trust me. I was the same.


I did not want to go to a Prague holiday that my wife had bought. She had not asked me before she bought it. She just told me: “You do not want to go for holidays to see different countries and cities. But I do. Please, once in our marriage try to do without watching sports on the TV in a pub and come with me to see the most beautiful city in the Middle Europe!”


What could I answer her when our holiday had been bought? First I did not answer anything and went to look for some Prague information. Of course, I was looking for some sports bars where they project from the English speaking channels. I found a plenty of pleasant information!


So I told my wife “OK. I will go with you. But I want to go to a sports bar to watch the football or rugby. At least once a day.”


Today I must say it was a clever decision. During our way to Prague I was trying to choose where to for a beer in my hand and a match on TV.

Shall I choose the Rocky O´Reillys Irish Bar in the New Town? This bar is divided into two parts – a smoking and a non-smoking. The bar has several TVs and a large projection screen showing the satellite channels. The reviews say that this pub would not win any interior design awards, but for the atmosphere it had a plenty going for it. Sounds good.


Or shall I choose the George & Dragon Pub on the Old Town Square? The reviews say that this bar boasts some of the best coverage of English sports in Prague, showing on two large projection screens and six TVs. In the warmer months it has a terrace outside the bar, allowing you to enjoy a drink in the historic setting of the Old Town Square. Drinks in such a prime spot are naturally more expensive than in the most of other bars.


Or shall I go to the Jama American Bar? The reviews say that Jama is one of a few bars in Prague that show the American sports. The screen is not the best, but for American Football, Ice Hockey and Baseball this may be the first pub in Prague to try. As the bar is on a back street, the prices are very reasonable.


How did I decide? I visited all of them. And enjoyed it! My wife was making some sightseeing (of course, I went to look at the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge and the Old Town Square, too). One evening I took my wife to the George & Dragon Pub on the Old Town Square. She liked it. I think next year we will go for another holiday to a city or town with some sports bars.


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