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Why This Blog ?


Simpley because we want to give you one place where you can find all the best the best and most authentic resources about Vacation in the Czech Republic to ensure you get as good a trip here as possible. .


Besides That
• In our video section we have tried to cover many different aspects of the Czech Republic. Partly so that you cam chose what you find important for you but also to give the visitors the opportunity to get an insight based on many different sources , ranging from traditional tourist Videos to travel documentaries

• The videos we have chosen here are all high quality and they are sorted into different categories.

• You can also comment the on the videos and engage in a discussion and rate the videos.

• Upload your own videos, or request videos covering a specific topic. Our aim is to be a source that is based on a high percentage of user generated content.

• A great place to find links. We cannot show all the videos that are relevant for all the different interests people might have, but you will find links to where you can see more.

• Most of the categories are about traveling in the Czech Republic, but there are also videos that contain reports and interviews that gives insight in what kind of place the Czech Republic is and what is going on here.

• Some of the videos are only targeted a Czech audience and shows aspect that often are missed in the traditional Tourist Videos.

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Below you find the different categories , click on the icon and you will be able to watch see all the videos in the category.


hot now




Visit The Czech Republic

5 Things You Will Love & Hate about The Czech Republic

Category : About the Czech Republic 



Well  Thinking of visiting The Czech Republic? Here are the best and worst parts for tourists thinking of visiting The Czech Republic. From spotty service to fantastic beer there is much to love and perhaps dislike.



Category> Winter Vacation in the Czech Republic



Official after movie from the annual snow and fun festival WINTER ARENA production URBAN EVENTSi.


Check out more the category Winter sport  where you will  find more shows and segments.  You will also find links to Free Riders  with info on how to watch more.


List Of Categories


Czech Music


In this category you find some of the most popular hits on the Czech music scene from the past decade. We have tried to present a variety of different music that represent different genres.

Besides enjoying the music and getting insight in what is happening in the Czech Republic a good reason for having a look is that throughout the summer there is a huge amount of music festivals taking place in the Czech republic where the content often is a mixture between local bands and international recognized artists.



This is longer documentaries about traveling in the Czech Republic mostly produced by TV stations around the world. We have chosen some of the shows from the most recognized travel shows.

The documentaries are great to get inspiration to how to plan a vacation where you get experiences beyond what you find in the traditional tourist information, and for those who are interesting to know more about the country our documentaries provides authentic first hand experiences.

Apart from being a useful source of information and inspiration the it is also recommended to watch the videos as many of them gives you an experience that makes the viewer feel like ‘Being there”

Tourist Promotion

tourist promotion

In this category you will find videos from some of the large tourist organization and from companies that offer various tourist services.

Besides giving insight in what to do and see it is also the place to find out which offers and services that exist in the market



Travel Guides

travel guides

This is relatively short travel guides to the country produced by Journalists, travel reporters or travel bloggers whom have traveled in the country and have insight in what to do and see.

The videos represent an objective and comprehensive source of inspiration and also outline some of the pitfalls to avoid. In short watching some of the travel guides can make your trip a better one and save you time researching other places.

Where to stay

where to stay

There are an incredible range of hotel apartment opportunities options for staying the Czech Republic ranging from five stars luxury hotels to cheap pensions. Di you want more privacy than that of a hotel or are you traveling as a family or as part of a larger group you will also find that there is a vide variety of apartment and cottages availed. Sometimes it can be difficult to get the overview over the many options. What we have tried to here is to showcase some of the accommodation options where we can warrant the quality including apartments, cottages no-frills accommodation, four-star elegance and In-between you’ll find everything from spa retreats to log cabins, and urban B&Bs to vacation farms.

At top of that if you take a look at our “hot deals” you will find pieces that you will find nowhere else on the internet. To benefit from those offers you need to be member of the page, simply because exclusive agreements from the big portals prevent house and hotel owners to save the provision and offer better prices to the public. In this category you will find as well hot deal offers as other recommendable accommodation options in the Czech Republic.

Member Videos

member videos

Here you find user generated videos, and in case you have videos from a trip to the Czech Republic uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, we would love represent them in this category.

If you have not uploaded your videos to the internet but still have them on your camcorder, we can also help you to share those, just send us a file and we will take care of the rest.

The videos do not need to be of high professional quality but in case it is videos without comment “just” showing an event or a place then try to make them short (2-3 minutes) simply because experiences shows that the attention span from the audience is relatively short watching such videos.



winter vacation


Winter vacation in the Czech Republic is a sometimes overlooked aspect of what the Czech Republic has to offer, but the fact is that the Czech Republic is one of the best and most affordable places for skiing in Europe.

The Czech climate ensure that you will find natural soft snow in most of the places in the winter season and in periods where the climate do not provide the right amount of snow there are artificial snow from snow blowers. Besides downhill the Czech Republic is ideal for cross country and is one of the prime places for snowboarding.

The videos in this section shows some of the many opportunities in the country

history & culture


History and Culture are targeted those who really want to understand the country or have a specific interest for example specific historical or cultural aspects.

The videos contains all from “old” Czech history to contemporary history. We have chosen videos that gives a description that is as objective as it can be, in order to catch the essence of the Czech Republic and its culture today.

This also means that we have not censured the content and you will find as well the light sides as the dark sides of the Czech society because in the real world both have impact on the country and its people and thereby also on the experiences you will encounter when you visit the country

Various Videos


In this category you find a number of short videos that either can present events , funny episodes  or other aspects of the Czech republic that are not included in any of the other categories mentioned above.











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