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Two days in the Bohemian Paradise

We love traveling through the Czech Republic. Whenever we travel for a weekend or for a holiday we choose some areas where we can do something interesting and learn something new. Our children are already the teenagers so they also welcome some interesting activities during a holiday spent with their parents –swimming and sunbathing they have at home.

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Several times a year we travel for a weekend to some places of the Czech Republic to see some places and to compare them – to decide where to spend our holiday that we usually take for eight up to ten days.


We had heard a lot about the area called the Bohemian Paradise. So we tried to find out some information about it to decide if to go there or not.


This area is located in the Region of Hradec Králové, the nearest towns are Jičín, Turnov and Mnichovo Hradiště. It is a protected area. This piece of land is popular thanks to a beautiful and varied countryside, cultural sights and natural beauty.

There are many places which should be seen and many activities which should be tried. People can go for a walk and admire many natural beauties; they can drive to many castles, chateaus, ruins, museums, and other sights. A pottery workshop, horse riding, farming and other interesting activities are offered to the visitors.


These facts decided we would spend a weekend there. Now I have to say it was a good decision. The Bohemian Paradise is a very nice place. Even a Czech fairy-tale figure Rumcajs comes from this area – from the town of Jičín.


We found an accommodation an old house in a village. It was a modern accommodation with a wi-fi connection. The first day of our weekend stay we went to the Hrubé Rocks and visited also the Hrubá Skála Rock Town. It is not a town with people living there, but a rock town with many rocks which have been shaped by wind, water, frost, erosion, and people into unique and curious shapes. In these rock towns, there are a lot of vantage points. Most of them are available for normal tourists. Walking there was absolutely amazing – even for our teenagers.


The beautiful view of Czech Paradise.


Hruba Skala Castle. The castle is now also a hotel

Later on we went to the Hrubá Skála Castle that is situated directly above the Hrubá Skála rock town. Originally it was a Gothic castle founded in the fourteenth century. Later it was rebuilt as a Renaissance chateau. There are some preserved cellars, a chiselled well, remnants of stairs in rock up to the present days. A beautiful English garden is there in its surrounding.


We had reserved a pottery workshop before we went for this weekend. It was a good idea – we saw, tried and learned a lot. We visited a pottery workshop in Mladostov. It is specialized in the manufacture of stoneware. In addition to blue engobe painting on white fragments. We also could see other decorating techniques – stamp imprinting, green glaze and traditional brown stains.


We enjoyed our weekend in the Bohemian Paradise a lot and decided to go there for a ten days holiday. I am sure it will be amazing.


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