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Theatre of European Regions and the Hradec Králové Open Air

We live far from Hradec Králové – near the town of Valašské Meziříčí, but we really love theatre. We also make the amateur theatre in our village. Twice a year we present some theatre play. And people quite like it.

Hradec Králové Open Air

Of course, we cannot miss the biggest international theatre festival in the Czech Republic called Theatre of European Regions and the Hradec Králové Open Air. This festival has been taking place in this city for more than 20 years. The Open Air part has a bit shorter tradition. This festival is always held in June.


We have been there several times. We always book some accommodation near the city – in a village from which the bus goes right to the city. I do not have to say that during the festival the city absolutely full of traffic. So going by bus is the easiest way how to get to it and move there.

theatre festival

We have found out that the main criterion of the festival is the presentation of the high-quality productions of theatre companies and amateur associations from the Czech Republic and abroad. They present a wide range of projects and theatre productions of various styles and genres. Originality and the author theatre attract the audience the most.


The programme of the festival is always accompanied by various events – workshops, lectures, concerts, exhibitions, meetings of the theatrical folk and the discussions.


The Open Air Programme is a non-competitive demonstration of theatrical art, taking place on more than 20 open stages in the historical city centre is every time able to create a unique atmosphere, which traditionally attracts tens of thousands of visitors. Many of the performances are dedicated to children; many of them are dedicated to everyone. Usually they have an easily comprehendible content – just to be able to be open air – I mean for everyone.

amateur theatre

With more than 200 productions the Open Air Programme has become a respected part of the International Theatre Festival – Theatre of European Regions and alongside the Klicpera’s Theatre and Drak Theatre it makes up a cultural event, which for about ten days regularly changes the character of the city of Hradec Králové.

This theatre festival in the East Bohemian city is an annual feast of theatre in all its aspects. A high standard of dramaturgy, excellent organization and a wonderful atmosphere attract more and more audience; every year.


This theatre feast will attract us every year. We are glad we can get there to see so many of so much interesting theatre performances (e.g. a festival classical performance called the School Trip – very short, easy, funny and original).

Hradec Králové Open Air festival

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