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The Sovinec Castle

I live with my husband and two children in Eastern Bohemia. I come from Northern Moravia, my husband comes from Northern Bohemia (we met at the students´ hostel in Eastern Bohemia). We decided to live halfway – so that we both have our parents at the same distance.

sovinec castle

It is obvious that we travel quite often – to visit our families. When we go to Southern Moravia we drive through Vysoké Mýto, Litomyšl, Mohelnice, Olomouc and then go north to my birth village that is near Opava.


On our way from Olomouc to Opava we always meet an information sign about the Sovinec Castle. It is not located exactly on our road but it had always attracted me to visit it.


Once I decided to suggest my husband to visit that castle on our way from my parents. I was surprised that he agreed because he does not like stopping anywhere when we go by car.


Soon we turned a bit from our way home and got to the Sovinec Castle. And I have to say I am glad we have been there. What is the best for us – we decided to go there in August and that time special programmes were held there.

Sovinec Castle dancer

The name of the castle is a bit strange. It means something like the Owls´ Home Castle. The castle is situated on a cone-shaped hill located in the south-west parts of the Rešov Hills, in the Nízký Jeseník Mountains, in the Bruntál District, the Moravian-Silesian Region.


The castle was built in the 13th century. Since that time it has been rebuilt many times (in gothic, renaissance and baroque styles) but still keeps its origin lookout. It is the largest castle complex in Moravia.

Sovinec Castle cellar

When we were there we could see many interesting things. Not only the castle itself that really is imposing; but also a special summer program that was focused on the medieval life.


For me the most beautiful part of the castle was the lookout tower. I liked the old buildings and the tower is the oldest part of the castle. The lookout from the tower was amazing. We could see the Sovinec Natural Park and also the Nízký Jeseník Mountains. I also liked the exhibitions located in the castle


We also could see scenes from the medieval lives and etiquette, knightly tournaments and competitions in cutting with the swords. My husband and our sun were absolutely fascinated by the knightly tournaments, the knightly competitions and the exhibition of the weapons´ history. We were also interested in the old and almost forgotten crafts.


My daughter (she is six) liked the puppet fairy tales the most. The whole afternoon program was full of interesting things and I am sure we will go to this castle more often – such programmes are held there every summer weekend.


Where to find The Sovinec Castle

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