The Dancing house

One of the most fascinating things I saw in Prague was not the Castle, or the Carls Bridge but the dancing house. Many may not have heard about. The dancing house is also known as “the drunk” house  “Vaclav Havel” the last president of Czechoslovakia and first president of the Czech Republic, saw the design of the  dancing house as a contribution  to modern architecture and hoped it one day would become a tourist attraction in Prague


The house is built by the architect named “Frank Gerry” American “Valdo Melvyn” Ties are made. The dancing house is built on the ruins of a building that was destroyed during the bombing of Prague in 1945,


Years later, in 1992, construction work began in 1996 and ended up dancing. The building is located in Prague city center and the houses a well-known Dutch insurance company.  Amongst people with interest in Architecture e I learned that the dancing House is considered one of the most famous buildings, the world. Since Prague’s dominant architectural style of the Baroque, Gothic and Art Nuevo \ becomes mere remarkable in the city landscape as a non-traditional architecture   as a protest against conformism


Here are some pictures I have found of the amazing building




















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