Restaurant Vetruse Usti nad Labem

b-1-1_vetruse_hradecekThe Hotel and the restaurant Veturse are placed on a hill with a beautiful view over Usti nad Laben and the river. Větruše is one of the most unamicable and dominant features of the town, whose significance is based on the historic and social value of the structure, one which encompasses the style of life at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Legend has it that a certain Labohoř built a 30136470 (1)castle in the year 826 to defenedhimself against his enemies, a castle which he called „Vitruš/Wittrusch“ in honor  ofhis wife.

You can reach this beautiful area easily by a cabin funicular from the shopping mall Forum in the center of Usti. Or you drive up the hill a small road by your own car. The restaurant Vetruse offers specialties of the Hungarian Austrian kitchen and the chef de cuisine is awarded 2013 with cooking the best “svickova” in the Czech Republic. The restaurant is modern furnished and in summer I would recommend to sit outside at the terrace and enjoy the beautiful view.



You will meet people from all over the world.  I like to show people this nice place and relish the meals in the restaurant. Prices are moderate and parking in front of the hotel is for free.  But I would recommend using the funicular which runs every 15 minutes as it is an extra experience. The restaurant Vetruse  is open daily from 11am till 11 pm.  Nearby the hotel you will find the forest and a tennis court.


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