Restaurant Oliva Nera Prague

oliva nera

After having a beautiful day in Prague with our friends we wanted to eat something. As we passed by Betlemske namestí in Prague  we decided to sit outside. So we choose a table from the restaurant Oliva Nera. The servants have been very friendly and offered us many different meals. I decided to take a zucchini soup and risotto gabarini. It was really very delicious. All of our group said that their meals were also very good. Prices have been o.k. and so we will say you can recommend this restaurant for sure. Unfortunately when it went to pay our Czech friend got a telephone call and suddenly the servant started to force us to pay additional 10% service fee. As we denied to pay 10%  he was very unfriendly and told us some nice words. So the nice experience was a little bit spoiled. Later our Czech friend told us that he would have called the owner of the restaurant if he would have noticed this. So be careful and do not pay a tip if you are forced to do so. It is up to you how much you like to give, unless it is written different in the dinning card and noticed in the bill.

Daniel from Zurich

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