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fffT he golden city, East of Paris, the city of a T he golden city, East of Paris, the city of a hundred bells, all titles that have historically have been used to describe Prague, and not without reason because it is a beautiful. The City is located on west/east banks of Vltava River. For the past 800 years the city have been witness to turbulent and at times tough times for the Czech nation who frequently have been invited by for foreign armies over the years because the strategic important location in the heart of European.


The City of Prague have traces from history the but today it proudly presented itself along the banks of the Vltava Rive, Prague is today a vibrant modern city still have managed to remain a city of harmony, with an atmosphere of the past and the foreign influence in architecture and art is makes Prague even more Charming. . The old buildings re preserved very well and compared to many other capitals you will not find many high rise or modern buildings in the city center


Prague Castle at night

Prague Castle at night

Prague is relatively small compared to other capitals around the world with a population of around 1. 200 000 and even though it is a cosmopolitan capital there is something provincial over the city. The area Prague “covers” is also limited and you can almost say there is a “city limit”, or maybe two. Thus the central part of Prague is district 1, 2, 3, 7 (and partly 5 and 6) is where the old historical buildings are. This inner districts are those inner district are surrounded by a ring of suburbs numbered up to Prague 16. Those districts contains mainly of concrete buildings called (pannelaks) constructed under communism. This is where most people in Prague live. Before communism most of those suburbs were country side and today the city sort to speak stops with at the edge of those district and you are in the country side.


Staying in Prague : An important part of travel accommodation, in a city like Prague hotels of all kinds that you can easily find the form the cheapest hostel to the most expensive luxurious hotel or many prefer to rent fully equipped apartments. Cheapest. There is something for everyone and you can find very good and not too far away accommodation a little outside the old town and the touristic places.


Stodolo County Western inspired local restaurant.  in Haje

Stodolo County Western inspired local restaurant. in Haje

It is relatively cheap to eat out in Prague and there are restaurants for every taste and budget in the city center the average price are higher than other places in Czech Republic. Just to give an idea the price e of a beer outside the city center 25 czk while it is common that the price is 80 – 100 czk in the old town.


But still it will be relatively cheap for visitors from north and Western Europe

Traditional Czech food are worth trying it includes various soups roast duck, roast pork, beer sausage, smoked meat, red and white cabbage, bread, bacon and potato dumplings. Most restaurants have beef, chicken and pork at the menu. The beef can sometimes be a little tough.





  1. opcap]W[/dropcap] hat to see and do in Prague
    There are many opportunities for to tailor the vacation in Prague to the needs of most people so it would be impossible to mention all to see and do, and furthermore the “what to see” only sets the “scene” for the experiences you can have there. This is those experiences our site have most focus on. Never the less we will give an overview over what could be characterized as the “Must See” lest for visitors to Prague,

View over the river with the Prague Castle as background,
Prague Castle is a must see for any tourist coming to Prague. Prague castle is a castle but it also includes series of churches, small palaces and gardens of the different historical periods. Prague castle is huge and is listed as the largest ancient castle in the world in the book of Guinness

The first cornerstone was laid and the twelfth-century and over the centuries, four buildings in the complex were rebuilt from scratch and many of the other buildings are reconstructed with decorations from different time periods where some of the construction projects remain unfinished. This myriad of styles is what makes the castle what it is today, a fascinating collection of exceptional interest to tourists.
The castle has a large park i and have a beautiful collection of buildings but bost of all it has a spectacular view over the east coast of the river
Charles Bridge (Karlovy Most) is probably the most visited Tourist site in Prague. The bridge is the oldest of the bridges that binds the eastern part of the city. It was constructed in 1357 on the orders of Charles IV, at the time it was a huge project and the bridge project was first completed in first were completed the early fifteenth century. Earlier this bridge called the stone bridge or the bridge in Prague, but in 1870, it was renamed in honor of Charles IV, The Charles Bridge)
The area around the bridge is a paradise for the eyes. Watching the river run by and, and listening to the trickle of the water with the hills of the west bank and the castle as a background signifies the true meaning of beautiful. Coming there at sunset/sunset or after nightfall ads an extra dimension in form of all the lights that makes the castle look golden.


And additional benefit of go there at off peak ours is that during the day and early evening hours the bridge can be overcrowded with tourists, souvenir sellers an pickpockets.

The old town is the third of the “need to see” The old town old town has been beautifully preserved with many old buildings, narrow streets and bridge covered streets, Some of the buildings ranges way back to the 10th century but many of the buildings were renovated during the late Renaissance and Baroque periods, creating a collage of architectural styles. Apart from the sensing the atmosphere and enjoying the old buildings you can spend much time on buying souvenirs and things made from Chrystal, enjoying culinary experiences, and there are a myriad of different cultural events taking place.


But you should be aware that the old Town is a place that “lives: from tourism and everything is very expensive there. There are some great but expensive restaurants with good food and service but there are also many where food and service is average and you could have got the same or better quality for half the price outside the old town

Obscene dum
Municipal House (3)One of the interesting places to go is to the Obecni dům which is one of the most beautiful municipal_house1buildings in Prague with a unique interior design in the style of Art Nouveau (Art Nouvean)


The building was constructed during the years 1906 to 1912. Construction of the building was an important at the time and was a prestige project that had the objective to confront the dominant architectural style of the period and the revival of German style in the Czech architecture. The top floor of the building has several halls used for cultural events such as operas concerts
The town square of Prague is another place that tourists :need” to see praha_-_staromestske_namesti_-_orloj_-_kone_[800x534]Prague’s Old Town Square has remained virtually untouched since the 10th century and it is here you find the Astronomical Clock (Passkey orzo) which probably is one of the best known tourist attractions in the city. What is the astronomical clock, you may ask? Well the function is that besides being a clock it contain, astronomical information, such as solar zodiacal position, size and position of the moon and how that kind of things are linked but when you see the clock you will probably realize that you have seen it somewhere before as it is widely used in as graphic illustration in magazines and advertisement and figure in most tourist brochures about Prague.;

The astrological Clock
The clock was constructed in 1280 and placed at clock tower of Old City Hall in the city but has been modified several times since then. The oldest parts of the clock, mechanical clock and astronomical plates that were installed in 1410. Around the year 1490, it was added to the calendar page and top it off with style sculptures Gothic decorated. clock

The clock tower is itself has an elevator up to the top and is open to visitors where visitors can go to have a panorama view of the old town. Near by the old town square you find Gallery Prague (Galleries hlavniho Mesta Prah) which is an exhibition of art works of modern Czech art the gallery has several branches through the city


The west Bank
Crossing the river you the Prague Castle. Castle is like a small city. It is the largest ancient royal castle in the world (570 m long and on average 128 m wide). Prague Castle has a long history as has been Roman Empire and the Czech kings, and today it is the residence of the President of the Czech Republic. Not surprisingly, it is the most visited attraction in Prague.

During the long history of the castle different rulers have added new constructions so different parts of Prague Castle were built in different styles. The main attraction of the Prague Castle is the Cathedral of St. Vitus , interesting monument of XIV century Gothic style, decorated with fascinating gargoyles (in Gothic: gutter, downspout as ugly fantastic figure).


The Cathedral of St. Vitus, there are several tombstones, evocative of Czech history. Perhaps it is worth to make a climb to the top of bell tower, which will take you to the highest point of the Prague Castle. From the summit offers an incredible view of the Prague Castle and the Old Town. Behind the Cathedral of St. Vitus begins the “Golden Street” building small, nice shops, which originally lodged the palace guards; Hall with the throne for the reigning kings of Bohemia, the Great Hall, which has not changed for 500 years;

Czech Museum of Art; Basilica of St. George and a little further Palace Lobkowicz. Gold is the street there is a tower Daliborka, so named in honor of one gentleman, who was imprisoned here on suspicion of involvement in the uprising of the peasants.In Mihulka (Powder Tower), alchemists once tried to discover the secret of turning base metals into gold.
There is also a toy museum, which has no relation to the Prague Castle, but has an interesting collection of old and new toys. Changing of the palace guard’s ceremony takes place at the main gate every hour
Prague Castle – the residence of the President of the Czech Republic. This complex is also a political and historical center of the city and the Czech state. Two statues of the Titans fighting installed above the front gate at the entrance to the complex of Prague Castle, which includes a palace, monastery, the royal stables, three churches, manicured surrounding gardens and the magnificent Cathedral of St. Vitus

galv49Pterin hills and parks (Petřín), are located right south of the castle complex and is one of the largest green space in Prague , which is about 130 meters above the shore of the river Vltava.
There is there is a, beautiful scenery and pleasant walkways which makes it a perfect destination for walking, picnics and recreation out of the city, because even though the park is only a few hundred meters away from the city you feel like being in another world. The Park Resort area is in itself worth visiting but there are also some interesting sights.


In the beginning of the fall


One is the Eiffel tower which is a copy of the legendary Eifel tower in Paris but much smaller. It is only sixty-meter high with 299 steps to climb (no lift) , but climbing them are worth is because there is a spectacular panorama view over Prague, and what is interesting compared with most other capitals of the world is that you can see where Prague ends and the country sides begin
At the bottom of the tower there is a unique entertainment venues called mirror maze that especially is popular amongst families with children. Right beside there is a Museum of Communism (Muzeum Communism) it can be worth seeing the museum to get insight in an important area that still have impact on Czech culture. In the museum is displayed is the corruption of communist regime in Czechoslovakia. There are images of empty shops, people injured and oppression that was inflicted upon them with full and comprehensive films that of course portrait the evil minds horrible facet of the regime and how people suffered
It is interesting to see and no doubt that horrible things took place under communism, but the museum do present the reality rather black and white and unintentional presentation becomes something that belongs in a museum itself as it fits more into the cold war rhetoric of the 80es where the Soviet Union was wee labeled as the empire of evil. In the population as so very few would like communism back but many agree that it is not everything that is better today.
So for those who are in understanding the past and the Czech culture it is interesting to hear about how the common citizen feel about it and most are pretty open about giving their opinion about how they look at their country’s oats m and present

Letna Park north of the Castle hiding north towards Lena there is another huge park here you will also find an area where you can rent roller skates or skate boards and there are several couple of restaurants with a panorama view over the city.
Another museum is the Czech National Museum (Narvon museum) the purpose of the establishment of the National Museum in Czech was to establish one palace for, preparation and showcase the collections of natural science and history

What is not in the tourist guides
Seeing all the sites can surely be amazing and the experience of the old town the castle and the

Prague and choose to stay outside Prague and go there for the sightseeing. One thing is for sure and that is that there is much to see and do in the region. It ranges from skiing, cultural events, castles, villages where the traditional Czech culture still is untouched by the more cosmopolitan life in Prague. The nature is astonishing and ideal for hiking or rafting on the rivers and the list goes on.
Never the less most tourists do not leave the city center either because they do not know about outside or ague or because they feel there is too much to see in the city center, because there are quite a few things to do and see there so the

Central Bohemia outside Prague

Carlstein Less thham 30 km from PragueThe opportunities for excursions starting from Prague is indeed something worth considering. (Is actually possible to reach most places within the Czech Republic within a couple of hours)
You will find Castles and mining museum, rivers, lakes, golf playgrounds and enchanting countryside – all this you will find here Even the furthest corners of Central Bohemia are a mere hour’s journey from Prague. What should you definitely see? Two of the most popular destinations are the castle of Emperor Charles IVKarlštejn and Kutná Hora, a town that is listed as a UNESCO monument.
Kutna Hora is only half an hour from Prague. Prague is part of the central Bohemian Region and alone in this region are several places of interest that should be considered to see on a trip to Prague
It is not only , is not only a delightful landscapes with amazing natural beauty, but also the many attractions in the form of castles, forts, monuments and historic cities. These sites are located near Prague, attract grandeur and mystery. It should be noted that this area is rich in opportunities for a good holiday

Karlstejn Castle
Karlstejn Castle is a gothic castle Karlstejn – one of the most popular and most visited attractions in the Czech Republic. Being there you should not miss the last of the Habsburgs Castle and walk through the labyrinth in the park around Loucen castle. St.Barbaras church is also worth a visit and of course the “bone chapel” Assumption of our Lady in Sedlec. Near Karlstejn you will find also a very nice golf course. For visitors from Prague it is possible to go Karlstejn all the way all along the river on bicycle witch is a unique experience
North of Prague you find Melnik, which is pretty city surrounded on all sides by vineyards, located on the coastal hills at the confluence of two Czech rivers Labe and Vltava. The main sights are concentrated in the center. In particular, there is a market square (Náměstí Míru), where there like in Prague is a town hall (radnice) with a clock tower. The area is surrounded by beautiful baroque buildings with wine sellers where many are reconstructed as restaurants now, but also to day Melnik is a wine center in Bohemia

Velkopopovitsky Brewery
Take a tour of the brewery in the village of Velke Popovice, you can try real beer under the brand name “Velkopopovitsky Goat” and learn how it is done, and it is here where beer is brewed with a rich caramel flavor, one of the best in the Czech Republic. The brewery Brewery founded Baron Frantisek Ringoffer II in 1871, and the legendary brand has appeared three years later. If you will make an overnight stay there is a castle that now are converted to a hotel.


Velkopopovický Kozel  Brewery

Velkopopovický Kozel Brewery

lies on the Elbe lowland 62 km east of Prague. With its convenient location on the river Elbe and its mild climate and its mineral waters and the castle, he has become one of the favorite holiday destinations of the country… he town abounds with parks and gardens, there are several beaches (including nudist), swimming pools and plenty of sports complexes. It is also well known as one of the “most bicycle” cities in the country – except the network of bicycle paths there are still areas of national cycle routes 0019 (Podebrady – Nymburk) and 0024 (Libice nad Cidlinou – Bishichki) along the river Elbe. Every year in Podebrady are many musical performances and concerts, including the popular music festival “Barvy leta”, Theatre Festival and much more

50 kilometers south-east of Prague, near the town of Benesov (Benešov, Czechs pronounce his name as Beneshov), lies another world-famous castle complex – Konopiště (Konopiste), belonged to the Šternberk.
Southern Part of Praguefda829e7a449a096b1a5ea4a3430a9938cf4892e
More over being in Prague south part you will find a very large recreation area you will find south of Prague along the rivers Vltava and Sazava Many Praguers spent there weekend there in a holiday cottage.


The area around Lake Slapy is perfect for hikers and fans of waters sports, from canoeing and kayaking to windsurfing. For hikers the protected landscape area Český kras (Bohemian Karst) and Křivoklátsko are as well fascinating. The chateaux Konopiště, Dobříš, Český Šternberk and Hořovice are also located near Prague. The surroundings of Prague are very diverse.

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