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Prague from a hot-air balloon

Me and my husband, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of our wedding. Our children and our family, they all know that we both love Prague very much. It is a city where we were born. We have never lived anywhere else (we never wanted to). We very much like visiting the outside parts of Prague and the countryside that surrounds Prague.



But we have never seen our city and its surrounding from the birds view. I am not sure if I would ever buy a hot air balloon flight over Prague. But we got it as a present from our family, so we had to try it. I must say it was amazing and so romantic!


The balloon flying operates the whole year. We chose the late spring, when the grass and also all of the trees were beautifully green. We flew in the early morning and the flight took about one hour.


First we made a reservation; were insured that the pilots were competent and experienced. The day before our flight our pilot confirmed that the weather should be ok and that we would really fly. We received the full details and then were psychologically preparing for our trip. For the flight we only had to prepare casual clothes, good shoes and something to drink. In the morning we were picked up from the city centre and were taken to the starting place that was out of Prague.


We saw how the balloon was being completed (we took part on it), how the fire was warming up the air inside the balloon. It was so exciting to watch the pilots, their skills and ability to do everything necessary to fly.


Finally we were allowed to get to the balloon basket and we took off. I was very nervous. I was afraid I wouldn´t be able to balloon. But after I saw how the pilots were skilful (several balloons flew in the same time) my nervousness flew away and I began to enjoy our present. My husband was absolutely restful.


Our flight was a chance to experience the beauty of flight without the sound of engines, in the open air. We enjoyed the incredible views over the countryside surrounding Prague, including the Karlstejn Castle. I was sorry that the balloons could not fly directly over Prague due to restrictions on the airspace. But we were glad we could see the Prague surrounding, within the Karlstejn Castle. The balloon flew with the wind. We were flying quite high, up to one kilometre. We were followed by the supporting car that took us back after the flight.


After the flight, our pilot invited us for some complimentary refreshments and a traditional ceremony welcoming us to the ballooning fraternity. We paid after the flight; the insurance was included in the price of the trip.


Our trip was amazing. We are very happy we got this present. Soon my sister will celebrate her wedding anniversary. And I already know what we will give them as a present.



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