“Paintball? You have gone completely crazy!” This was the first sentence my chef heard from me after telling me that the following teambuilding would be a paintball. The first moment I thought she was making fun of me. But she was serious. And why did I react this way? Because we are a team of women, we provide cosmetic services and advice. The only man in our team is the IT specialist who works for us just several hours a month.

“Calm down” she answered. Then she explained me her train of thought. “We always work with cosmetics; everything around us is, in fact, hygienic. I think that once in a while we could get really dirty, move in a terrain, enjoy a bit of adrenalin and have some fun.”

In the end I agreed. But was not looking forward to our following teambuilding. I was not allowed to tell my colleagues where we would go and what we would do (my chef probably expected the same reaction from them). Colleges knew just that they should come to our office wearing the sportswear and good shoes.


The day before our teambuilding I was very nervous. Paintball is a new and upcoming adrenalin sport, which tests your fitness, strength, and requires you to think quickly on your feet. It is a tense and thrilling sport – this was one of several definitions of this sport that I found on the internet. And it was really nothing for me!


Today I can say that this sport is not only thrilling. It is also entertaining and can be played again and again, in many different ways. I think my chef has made a good teambuilding decision.


And how was our paintball day? We met at our office. The agency picked us up at the office and transported us to the paintball playground. It was in Prague, on the „Císařská louka“ Island, under the old Vysehrad Fortress, near the city centre.


After getting there they told us the rules, explained how to dress their clothes and face mask, how to handle the paintball gun. We got some advices about safety, strategy, drinking regime. We were devided into two teams and pitted against each other. We got a guide, gun, 100 balls, face mask, gloves, special clothes in two team colours and a drink.

We were told that the game goal was to eliminate everyone in our path, who had the different clothes. The game facility consisted of three separated fields. The first one was set up as an old town with houses and barriers. The second one was in a military style. The last one had inflatable barriers which were usually used for sports paintball.


In the beginning we were a bit shy. We had no experience with this special activity. But the guide helped us a lot. During the game we learned the strategy, we became a bit braver. We were running, hiding and shooting like some small boys. We enjoyed a lot. My chef was in the opposite team. And I was allowed to chase her and to shoot at her…

At the end we returned the equipment and bought some more drinks. The agency drove us back to our office. There we counted our bruises and explained our strategic steps to the opposite team. We all enjoyed that teambuilding. We were full of adrenalin and of the common emotional experience


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