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Our Trip to The Mirakulum Park

It was late spring and we were on our stay in the Central Bohemia; in a smaller town called Nymburk. My kinsmen live there so we were staying with them in their house near a river.

Nymburk is a town full of history, nice places and green trees. One of the famous Czech writers used to live there. His name was Bohumil Hrabal.

But these are facts that children are not interested in. So we had to think about some kind of activity they would enjoy, too. Our kinsmen recommended us to go to an entertainment park called Mirakulum (pageant). This park is located in Milovice, near the town of Nymburk.


The first thing we did after this recommendation was searching their web sites. They looked amazing and our children began to be enthusiastic about this place.


We decided to go there. To Nymburk we came by a train and my kinsmen needed their car in their job. So we had to find a public transportation to the Mirakulum Park. It was not difficult – we had to take a bus to Straky. There we changed the bus going to the Mirakulum Entertainment Park. The ride took about 45 minutes.


When we got out the bus we immediately saw where to go to entrance the park. We also saw a large parking place for many cars that was filled circa halfway. There was a short queue in front of the entrance but we did not mind because the first attraction for children is placed in front of the park.


We paid an admission fee, children less than 90 centimetres tall enter for free.


The first place we came in was a large “square” where we got some information and a map of the park. Our children got a special plastic bracelet where we wrote our phone numbers. It was a great idea – if a child gets lost, he or she contacts an adult or a park employer and asks him or her to call their parents.

In that square there were some places to buy a midday meal. The menu offer was quite wide. There were also many places with tables and chairs to sit and eat. These places were covered by party tents


We then continued inside the park. I must say this place left a very nice impress in me. It was full of different attractions for children and for adults, too. It also was full of places where to buy some refreshment, where to sit or lay and relax.


The park is divided into several parts – a special place is dedicated to the youngest children – there are many special small attractions to fit their needs.


Older children can find out plenty of places where to enjoy fun and plenty of movement – trampolines, ladders, water-world, an underground bunker, giant swing and others.

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Children also can make something in a special place called workroom. The instructors lead their work there. The park is full of the mirabelle fruit trees. The places for relaxation are situated under those trees. In early spring it must be amazing when those trees blossom. But in summer when the fruits mature and fall to the ground… I do not want to imagine the amount of wasps flying everywhere.


Children did not want to leave that park. So two days later we had to go there again.


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