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Northern Moravia

The northern is not as known as its southern counterpart and often people associate with it to the extensive industrial areas Moravia is fascinating. Nature, wine and many historical monuments – a lot to explore

Ostrava Landek Park and mining musweum

Ostrava Landek Park and mining musweum


Ostrava is the largest city and is and old industrial city but much has been don during the latest year to attract tourists and make the city more attractive and as it does not have the glorious historical past as many other Czech cities the industrial area forms an alternative historical repertoire.
Thus some of the old mining complexes has been turned into living museums where the visitor besides seeing and hearing about the life of mine workers in the past century also them self-have the opportunity to trying to work as miners and there is also a very interesting technical monuments in Ostrava.



More over northern Moravia features some of the most breathtaking scenery and is one of the most distinguished and popular attractions. The Jeseníky Mountains near the border with Poland extend in depth and is an area quite distant,


The Beskydy region located on the border with Slovakia has a varied cultural folklore heritage. The big Skanzen is an open-air

The beautiful town  Stramberk

The beautiful town Stramberk

folk museum in Rožnov pod Radhošťem region presents in detail the fascinating story of life in the villages of Moravia.
The nearby town of Štramberk boasts a hillside and here you will see the original wooden houses of the village..


The Hukvaldy is a village which has a small museum dedicated to the composer Leoš Janáček, housed in the old home of the composer, and for lovers of hiking the mountains of Beskydy offer fantastic trips.

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