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Holidays in a motor camp near Hrádek nad Nisou

Several days ago we came back from our week long holidays spent in a motor camp near Hrádek nad Nisou. The car camp is called Kristýna and is located in North Bohemia, in the Liberec Region, in the area of the town of Hrádek nad Nisou.


Hrádek nad Nisou.

Before we decided to make a reservation in this camp we were trying to find some information about it. Our friends told us they had heard about that camp. So we opened their websites to find out more.


We were pleased by what we found. Very nice websites made in a pleasant way. We were able to find there any information we needed.

V srdci Trojzemí

The strongest arguments for us to choose this camp were: a) the lake that is located in the area of the camp; b) many kinds of sports that we could choose to do; c) places for children to play, even the inside places (to hide from the rain or from the midday sun).


Our way there was a bit complicated because I am not a good navigator. But as soon as we were in the camp everything was ok. The camp looked exactly like on the websites. We have a small daughter so we booked a room in a boarding house to sleep in. People can choose among sleeping in a boarding house, a chalet, a tent or in a caravan.


We bought half board because we knew we would go to some whole day trips or buy some pizza in the camp pizzeria. We were satisfied with the meals.


We were lucky about the weather. The whole week it was sunny weather but not too hot. We could swim in the lake, mainly in the afternoons when the water temperature was quite ok. In the mornings we could do many different things just because the temperatures were ok.


What did we do during the whole week holiday? We made many sports. Several with our daughter (Russian skittles, jumping on the trampolines, riding a bike, in-line skating). There is a children playground in the area, so when one of us wanted to make some sport for the adults (tennis, volleyball, Zumba, Pilates, aerobic), the other parent was with our daughter e.g. on the playground, swimming in the lake or we went to the climbing centre where our daughter could swing on a special cableway.


We also made some trips to the surrounding Lužické Mountains. We liked its rocks, viewpoints, its colours and terrain. Of course, we could not miss Liberec that is about 20 kilometres far from the camp – its Zoo garden and the Babylon Centre where we visited the IQ park and the Water World.  We liked the Liberec town hall a lot. It is a historic building in the new renaissance transalpine style.

IQ park liberec

My husband is a bit addicted to the online smartphone games, so any free moment he played some game because there is the Wi-Fi connection in the whole camp area.


I am sure that we will go there again when our daughter is a bit older, at least ten. Then we will visit the number of castles and chateaus that are there in the camp´s surroundings (Grabštejn, Frýdlant, Sychrov or Lemberk). And also the towns of Žitava (Zittau) or Oybin that are near the German borders.

Lužické Mountains

Where to find Hrádek nad Nisou

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