Gourmet Restaurant Meinl

Just a few steps from Metro station Mustek at Vencels Square you will find the Julius Meinl shop. Julius Meinl  was found already ion the First Republic. At this time well situated people from Prague went shopping there. At the third floor you find  the gourmet restaurant Julius Meinl. Nice furnished at the end of the shopping mall.


People told me that it will be very expensive, but I cannot see this. With 150 to 400 CZK  and located near Vencels Square I would say “normal” prices. You will pay the same nearly everywhere else. The menu  list offers  international as well as  Czech kitchen. And you will find daily offers, which are also available at weekends. That’s really  not usual in Prague.  As I went through the shopping mall I enjoyed already the nice offer of fresh fruits and vegetable as well as all the other delicious things.

Arrived at the restaurant a very friendly waitress welcomes me. I decided to try from the daily offer. Minestrone with pasta for 65 CZK and baked pigeon, red cabbage with potato dumplings for 145 CZK.  The soup was excellent. You taste that it was made with fresh ingredients. When I saw the main course I thought it is not very big. But it was as well very tasty and really I did not need more.  I was perfect.  After I had an expresso I continued experiencing Prague. If you will be in the city of Prague I recommend you to visit the Meinl gourmet restaurant in the street 28th rijna / October at the lower part of Vencels square. You have not to spend a lot of money to receive best quality.

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