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Getting to the Czech republic

Getting to the Czech Republic


By Plane

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Prague one of the destinations that are easiest to access by air, bus or car from all over Europe. Most visitors to the Czech Republic arrives by plane because of the vast amount of low cost airlines with frequent departures to Prague below are a overview over the options from different European countries Václav Havel Airport Prague) provides nonstop service to Capitals in most European countries.

Below is an overview of airlines flying to Prague from the UK, Ireland and northern Europe? The prices are approximate as there are rather huge differences on different departures. But in general it should be possible to find an one way ticket from around 50 – 60 EUR from most destinations when the booking is done 2-3  weeks in advance . (All prices below are based on prices vaild in August for the fall 2014)



No matter when they arrive it is easy to get to the city center. Outside the airport are the opportunity to catch a Taxi, a shuttle bus or a regular city bus


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It is easy to get from the airport with public transportation, bus number 119 goes direct to metro station Dejvická (line A) and the bus departs approximately every 20th minute and thee trip to Dejvická takes 200 min. From there the green line a stops with all the major Metro stations in the city center and the price is under one Euro and a half.

An alternative is to take the shuttle bus that goes direct to the city center. The benefit is that you avoid changing from bus to Metro and the trip might save you 10 min. The price is 100 kc or 2.5 Euro per person.

Finally there can be situations where taxis remain the most comfortable way to go. The ride to the city center takes 20 to 30 min and the price should be between 600 and 700 CZH and 18-20 Euro. Taxies in Prague have a mixed reputation as in many other cities around the world. But now a day the chances of being ripped of is low, especially if you use one of the major companies listed below

The meters in the taxies are no in taxies from those companies they are carefully checked by the companies , the risk is more that the driver does not reset the meter when starting, or he takes the long way around,

Therefore it is always good to ask what the price will be approximately all taxies have navigation so they should be able to calculate the distance very precise. You also pay a lower tariff when the taxi for instance is caught in traffic jam but it is a rather low amount but it means that you should give the driver room for 1-2 Euro more or less than the estimated price.

Taxi maximum prices:
• Ride in the capital city 28 CKZ/km
• Boarding fee 40 CZK
• Waiting 6 CZK/mi

Reliable Taxi companies

–AAA Radiotaxi – tel. 14 0 14 or 222 333 222, www.aaa-taxi.cz
– City Taxi – tel. 257 257 257, www.citytaxi.cz
– Profi Taxi – tel. 14 0 15, www.profitaxi.cz
– Halotaxi – tel. 2 4411 4411, www.halotaxi.cz
– Sedop – tel. 777 666 333, www.sedop.cz




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