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Getting around in the Czech Republic

Herring Around In Prague

Travelling in Prague using public transport is straight-forward and convenient. There is an extensive public transport network consisting of Metro and Trams in the City Center and busses in the


The easy way is to but tickets in the Airport

outer districts. There are very comprehensive maps for tourists over the tram and metro lines in the inner city.

The prices are 30-minute ticket: 24 CZK and 90-minute ticket: 32 CZK and children under 15 years are half price, and if the child is under 6 years it is free

As a tourist sightseeing and going to different destinations will probably make it beneficial to buy a

24-hour pass: for110 CZK or a 3-day pass for 310 CZK, The tickets are valid for as well metro, Trams and busses.

The ticket can be bought in the airport or in most Trafikas (Corner shops) , at many bus /tram stops and all metrostratioms are wending machines where the card can be bought .

As an alternative to public transportation but depending on the traffic during peak times, it is questionable is it saves any time. In the rush hours public transport may get you there you want to much quicker.

Taxis can be convenient when arriving late at night or going to and from attractions late in the evening that is not located in the city center,

There are Night busses to all major destinations typically with departures one time per hour and likewise there are night trams typically with departures one to two times an hour. But the metro closes at Midnight and opens at 5 Am in the morning.  There are sufficient of Taxis in the streets of the city center, but we recommend to take the telephone number of one of the major companies that this minimizes the risk of being ripped off. Furthermore some of the companies such as city taxy gives discounts on trips ordered by telephone. The normal waiting time for a taxi is around 10 – 15 minutes

 Getting Around In The Czech Republic

Going by bus the easy and cheap Solution

The Czech Republic is a relatively small country covering only xxx km2, furthermore the country have an extremely well-organized public transport with frequent departures to most destination


Confortable traveling with bus

that are reachable within a few hours
The traveling takes place with train and busses. During the last decade there has been a heavy expansion on bus traveling within the Czech Republic
The far largest bus company on the market are student Agency Express that have led to regular scheduled departures during the day to major cities around the country, on the map below are showing examples on routes to the most popular tourist destinations
It is very easy to get on a bus. All busses departs from the bus station located on the Metro station Florence located in the city center.
It is easy to find and only located 100 meter from the Metro station. When you come out from the metro you cannot avoid to see some signs for “bus”.
The prices are extremely reasonable typically between 100 and 250 kc (4 – 10 EUR) for a one-way ticket depending on the distance. On board STUDENT AGENCY express buses waiting for each passenger comfortable seating, friendly and helpful English-speaking staff, internet access via WIFI and entertainment in the seats with games, music, film etc. precisely as known from some airplanes and of course there are daily newspapers and hot drinks there are service of free coffe.
The tickets for student Agency Express are available on Student Agency’s Express bus terminals, branches Student Agency


Fast And easy with busses

Besides Student agency there are about 6 or 7 different companies selling tickets for various routes. Many of them sell tickets to international routes such as Euro lines and Capital Express. The other main CZ carrier is Student Agency which has the desks on the far right.


To the Easteern Part Trains Might be an alternative

wine south Moravia

.Prague….. And two and a half hour later

Another option is going by train. In general train traveling are most recommended on the longer distances to the eastern part of the country because here most of the trains are express trains with few stops. For the nearby destinations and the western part of the country many of the train’s arte regional trains and the traveling takes significant longer time than by bus.

There are two Major Train companies in the Czech Republic. One is region Jet operated by student agency, to Brno, Ostrava and Olemont the travel time to Brno is a little more than two hours and the Price is 230 kc to Ostrava the trip is Three and a half hour and priced around 7 EUR. The other company is České dráhy the state owned railway company.

The prices are about the same and the fastest trains have sane traveling time, but one should be aware that not all the trains are express trains, and thus the journey might take longer time. There are several big train stations in Prague, but far the most of the east bound trains departs from Hlavni Nadresi , which is the Main train station in Prague, and at the same time it is a Metro station.
The Main train station generally covers geographically the south and west of the Czech
The main train station has been modernized but still one can expect to meet homeless and drug dealers, but as all over Czech Republic there is no danger in respect to violence it is mostly an astatic dimension.
The well-designed transport net makes it possible to extend even a short city break by a trip to the terminal springs of Karlovo Vary or the Wine fields of southern Moravia. And for those who are not interested in an overnight stay it is possible to leave in the morning or meting home same evening


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