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Understand the background and get involved

Over the last decade there has been a raid transition inn society on one side caused by ICT which has made markets more transparent, increases price competition in many markets and let to new ways of interaction in-between users and between companies and their customers.

At the same time we have seen a tendency to a shift in consumer’s preferences and needs toward an increased desire for satisfaction of the desire to coverage individualized experience based needs, when they buy products. Those tendencies have also had influence on the travel and vacation behavior and for actors in the industry.


The past decades have also been a difficult time for many local communities, much of the traditional industry which was placed in such areas are closing down or moving away to low cost countries, jobs are getting still more advanced and especially young people are moving to larger cities to get an education or to pursuit a career On the supply side this decline has made communities look for new economic opportunities.


For companies in the tourist industry the changes represent some huge challenges where Explore the Czech Republic has the aim of assisting as well commercial as noncommercial organizations that are considering expanding tourism as a business area. We are in the process of publishing guide books in several areas. The areas covers different sides of the transformation and is targeted different segments

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All the way round Explore The Czech Republic


On one way this section has the purpose to clearifuy In this sector we will outline how tourism has changed , what chalanges the industry faces  and come with approaches and frameworks  that could be of use. One of our focus areas are what we call Tourism 2.0 which is nased on

collaborative promotion initiatives that takes outset in the experiences the tourists of today look for and to integrate web 2.0 in the promotional effort. . More specufically we wil focus on how

Þ To support events and community initiatives

Þ Support tourism destinations and monitor their performance

Þ To market and promote the area  and businesses Þ User experiences and dialogue.

Þ Customers as co-producers of meaning

Þ Customers as ambassadors


 Þ Joint Projects & Attitudes

Þ Increase  the Knowledge

Þ Build Experiences

Þ Utilize Synergies and Complementariness



What we can offer and why to join

At first glance Explore the Czech republic seems like a portal with the purpose of attracting visitors to authentic tourism experiences in the Czech Republic, but the portal is just an integrated part of a web 2.0 framework, and a platform for the creation of commercially focused network initiatives. .
Thus there are different potentials for your use of the portal that range from ad hoc –postings to participation in collaborative promotion. It all depends on what kind of benefits you look for. .
The portal and its benefits: The portal consist primarily of user generated content in form of forum postings, traveling stories, reviews, and additional editorial articles.

The user focused ‘journalistic’ approach, makes the portal a source of quality content with high credibility, which is what travelers look for today. Additionally there are opportunities for commercial content in form of different paid for options.
For you this concept represent an opportunity to
Post articles, videos, traveler experiences and participate in the forum debate. This can be a great way to create interest for your region or activity.

Promote your product or services in form of banner advertisements, accommodation offers or holly day deals. These services can either be based on cross linking or payment
Be part of the effort to develop and delivery marketing programs .You can also choose to take it a step further and take part in some of our themed mini campaigns

This integration can help to make your obtain more impact of your marketing of a particular place, region, city, community, or specific resort. This option includes for examples activities such as.

  • Email campaigns
  • Newsletters 
  • Integration with external social media and other travel portals
  • Integration with articles, posts promotion on our portal
  • Assistant to blog writings etc.

The key advantage with this integrative approach is that you get a higher share of voice and that the, more potential customers can be directed to your web page and you have the opportunity for a stronger branding. The options are flexible and you decide how much you will participate in.


Our promotion strategies and how we can involve you

The Czech Republic is primarily known for Prague and its heritage and historical sites .The city is visited by approximately 8 million Tourists every year. The Tourists are mainly short term visitors that spend the time in the city to do sightseeing, walk around to e experience the atmosphere and visit restaurants and bars.  The short term visitors contributes positively to the economy of the country, but there seem to be a huge unexploited potential in expanding the focus on the short term city tourists to also include other segments


The argument is that the Czech Republic has cultural and nature resources offer much more than that.  At the same time there is a shift in tourist behavior towards tourists that require authentic cultural or activity based experiences.


A part of what we do is to help to exploit the opportunities. One fundamental is to ensure that


the right  “products” are developed and another  that potential tourist become aware of what the Czech Republic has to offer in terms exiting and enriching experiences that match the motives of the traveler.

This may mean challenge since it in many cases will require a change in the audience’s perception of the Czech Republic and a deeper reflection on who to target, how to do it and when it should be done.


In our Tourism 2.2 we are keened to a part of that effort and can assist you to in this development an important part here is to get the message out.

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Types of communication

User generated content

Indirect soft selling

  • Articles long reviews
  • Comments
  • Forum discussions
  • Social Media

Direct Hard selling

  • Advertisement
  • Link exchange

How to post and what to post




To focus our work and ensure it has impact for as you and us we focus our activities on campaigns

Our campaigns promote a specific theme  that has as well short term as long term objectives.   Some of the principles and objectives are

  • To Increase awareness for the Czech Republic has to offer in terms of experiences and leverage existing awareness of the Czech Republic
  • Promote the diversity of products and geographical locations in order to strengthen the all over perception , but  on the specific level  it enables us to to “take” the segments one by one and deliver results for our partners.
  • The campaigns includes several  experience aspects because tourists are concerned about a total experience that is the result os  a varity of “sub experiences”  Thus we try to  identify and promote of bundles that result in planning of a vacation in the Czech republic
  • Utilize social media channels and online marketing channels
  • Create a dialogue with both consumers and to major stakeholder I order to improve the fit between the market and consumers and market offers
  • Build an active CRM system of potential tourism consumers

Learn more on how you can use a campaign,

Upcoming Campaigns

how you can join and be part of the campaign team.


The Explorer Quotient® (EQ) is a web tool that goes beyond demographics to examine the motivations and values behind travel decisions. Travellers take an online quiz and the EQ suggests a matching vacation adventure.

have sown to have a ground breaking effect in tourism marketing besides including the psycho social variables it recognizes that the tourists are searching bundles of emotional experiences and that this should be the turning point for the marketing rather than trying to market isolated experiences or attractions.

Second it is tangible and easy to implement, several countries in Europe has started to implement the framework especially on domestic travelers. We work with this model as a concept and hope to find partners that enable us to tailor the model father to the Czech context



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