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Fábula, a Fairyland in the Highland

We wanted to offer our children some interesting activity. We are a group of friends who already have children. But their age is quite different. Some of them are almost fifteen; some of them are just three years old.


It is very difficult to find such weekend activities where we all could be together. The older children tend to be bored whenever they do not have the proper entertainment. But the younger children are not able to make the same entertainment as the older ones.


Some time ago we went to the Highlend, to Kamenice nad Lipou. There is a fairyland called Fábula. When the older children heard about the fairyland they started to protest that they are too big to visit a fairyland.  Yes, they are. But … the fairyland consists of many parts.

Fábula Fairyland
Fábula Fairyland

Some of them fit the younger children, e.g. two playing areas – one is indoor and one is outdoor, a program for smaller children. And some parts of the fairyland fit the older children. Which of them? The workshop, the torture chamber, the board game rental, cycling and hiking trails.


And some of them fit all of our children. E.g. swimming in the nature, the sweet products bakery, and cafe.


We showed our older children the website of the Fábula Fairyland and they quite fast agreed to go there with us. There is no accommodation in the Fábula Fairyland so we had to find a place to sleep elsewhere. Luckily, it was no problem

a spooky laboratory
Wealso visited the spooky laboratory

On my first visit in Brno my friend showed me some typical city sightseeing –the Špilberk Castle, Villa Tugendhat, the Labyrinth under the Zelný Trh (Kraut Markt Square), the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral, the Ossuary of the St. James Church and others.


We also visited the Brno Dam and sailed a boat there. The dam is quite huge.


We also visited some restaurants, cafes and a wine house. Brno is a city with plenty of places where you can sit, have a coffee or a snack, relax and watch the amazing terrain ant even more amazing architecture.


But Brno is also a cultural city. There are several theatres there, lots of clubs, galleries, places where some interesting action are organized every day. I love theatre, mainly the drama. So my friend took me to the English theatre. We enjoyed it a lot.

We had a coffee and a rest with a delicious piece of cake

When we came to the Fábula Fairyland, we immediately liked it. The exterior and also the interior are made as a part of a fairy tale. Also the personnel wear costumes so mainly the small children feel like they were in a fairy tale. We met many fairy tale characters there.


Our younger children enjoyed in the playing areas, our older children worked in the workshop (and we joined them, too). We all could try painting on textiles, plaster, glass, wood and pottery. Then we tried to make wooden cradles, cars and other wooden toys. It was also interesting to clay figures, beads and wired jewellery.

We came to the fairy land already on Friday afternoon so we could try spinning the potter’s wheel under the supervision of a skilled potter. Our children were surprised that it was not so easy to make a cup of a regular shape, even if they made it on a spinning potter’s wheel.

On Saturday the fathers were hiking with the older children, mothers stayed with the smaller children in the fairy land, walked around, were having coffee and a rest.


In the fairy land they make their own sweet pastry, e.g. cakes filled with cottage cheese, jam, poppy seeds, nuts or fruits. They were fresh, smooth, just amazing.


We all enjoyed a nice and active weekend.

Where to find Fábula world and  Kamenice nad Lipou.  

Pohádková říše Fábula,
Masarykova 362

394 70 Kamenice nad Lipou

Phone : +420 608 601 500

394 70 Kamenice nad LipouVeb page  http://pohadkova-rise.cz/

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