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Even more beautiful than prague

In may me and my girlfriend went to Prague, because I have decided to participate in the Prague marathon, The marathon did not work out very well and I did one of the worst krumlov2run I had ever done in my life, the day after the run we just relaxed in Prague, our Plan was to go to Budapest but we actually liked it in Prague and decided that we would stay in the Czech republic the remaining four days of our vacation

Southern Bohemia we went to  Cesky Krumlov. Český Krumlov is a small city in the South Bohemian that is Unesco World Heritage listed. But after taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi and free washing in Prague we didn’t make it to Cesky Krumlov until after 5 so sightseeing was out. Instead we settled in for a couple of beers that proved the saying that Czech beer are the best in the world

And at only 1 EUR for half of liter of beer, how could you not love it?! Because we were so excited about how cheap everything was, we decided to go out to dinner at the fanciest (and only) hotel restaurant in town. 2 ginormous meals, 3 beers, an apple juice and 8 euro later, I drove to our campsite while my girl friend gave me really shitty.

The town is all cobbled streets and cute shops crowned by a huge castle with an elaborately painted turret, and surrounded by mountains and a river that snakes its way around the old town. The view from the castle over Cesky Krumlov is amazing

Next morning we decided to go and see the castle the most amazing is probably the view  over Cesky Krumlov from the , but like most of the castle’s we’ve been to, you have to book a tour to see the inside.

Our tour was very confusing at first, because we couldn’t understand why we had to follow a Czech tour when it said the tour was in English. As we found out later, they do all the tours like this in the Czech Republic – you simply take the next available tour and if it’s not in your language, you get given a booklet to read instead. Unfortunately this makes for a boring tour because you don’t see much as you spend all your time reading and then catching up to your tour group.

Never the less the tour guide took us through the biggest hall of the castle where the nobles used to hold fancy balls, and explained to us the ‘amazing’ ceiling. We looked up and saw that it was painted to look like it had roman columns leading up to an ‘ornate’ ceiling. It wasn’t really painted that well but she was 100% serious when she looked at us all and said “It’s not actually real. It’s an optical illusion”. No way!!! Thank god she told us, just in case we mistook a painted roof for a ‘real’ roman style colonnaded hall with marble reliefs on the ceiling!!!

The tradition of brewing beer in Cesky Krumlov reaches back to the origins of the town itself,



The next day we started by walking around in the walking the historical center.  After having a light lunch we decided to visit the Pilsner Urquell brewery.


pilsnerbreweryThe tour started out by a film that showed the history if the magic beer

Next was a guided tour through the modern bottling plant and the historic brewery cellars, where you have the chance to taste unfiltered and unpasteurized Pilsner Urquell on tap straight from oak lager barrels.

The tour was very cool, loved seeing the production of the first lager in the world and the best part was, after the tour we all had a sample of the original, organic, unfiltered version of the lager in the factory’s old storage cellars. .

After the visit we had dinnerin an amazing restaurant, Krcma Satlava whose specialty is obviously cooking over an open fire. After we have completed the mandatory appetizers, including pickled sausage, we were served three Schweinshaxes as a starter – they were salted, barbecue marinated and charcoal grilled.


When we get to the actual main courses – lamb, veal, pork and other meat from the grill, I have long satiated. The salted pork required one cup beer after the after another,



As main dish we enjoyed grilled pork meat with roasted pumpkins, and for desert some sweet of lasagna-like pastry, thus it was with the stomach full a few kilo extra we returned to the hotel and at night had sweet dreams the Czech cuisine and not at least beer



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