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Mělice u Přelouče, adrenalin, water-skiing,
Mělice u Přelouče, adrenalin, water-skiing,

East Bohemia

T he keywords for eastern Bohemia is Rough Nature are historical monuments and it is a great place for active sport, skiing or hiking

The Rocky Nature
If you look for something special you will find it in the very northern part of the region where there are ghostly rock cities and table mountains The Adršpach rock city is one of the most famous ones in the Czech Republic. If you take a trip to his northern part there are several other interesting sights You will also find the towns of the towns of Litomyšl, Moravská Třebová, Polička,
Svitavy, and Vysoké  Mýto placed here and they are all places rich on historical monuments and you will especially see many military monuments.



The Rocky houses of  Slavonice,

The Rocky houses of Slavonice,


A place is to see in Litomyšl is the wonderful Renaissance Litomysl castle. And for children a safari in the Zoo Dvur Kralove will be an unforgettable experience

In the northern ore very close to the beautiful Český ráj that is a huge area with a rich landscape of forests, but also the “cities of rock ‘sandstone – strange rock formations that are a special experience to try to pass through. (Mention under north bohemia), what many are unaware of is that is you do north to a place called Adršpach you will find a similar landscape
Another rocky place is Zamberk where there is a big festival each year called the The Jam rock festival takes place in Zamberk among other events. Zamberk is a town in located straight east of plague in the Orlik Mountains with a beautiful old town center.

The border area to Poland
In the border area to Poland are also found Going Kraliky a small town with the biggest Military museum and the well-known pilgrims place and monastery Hora Matky Bozí which means mountain mother of God. It is at the border you find some of the most attractive skiing resorts in the Czech Republic
The most famous is probably

hotel-praha IN Spindleruv Mlyn Ski resort.

hotel-praha IN Spindleruv Mlyn Ski resort.


Špindlerův Mlýn is located on the border to Poland in is located 130 km from Prague at an altitude of 714-815 m above sea level. The length of the ski slopes – 21.5 km cross-country – 40 km. There are 10 ski lifts, snow cannons. The resort is popular among those who prefer cross-country skiing and an increasing number of snow boarders find their way to the resort


One of the reasons for the popularity is besides perfect weather and snow conditions that  Cross-country skiing in Spindleruv Mlyn are connected with other regions: from here you can get in Horni Misecky, further to the ski Benecko. Besides a perfect climate and good snow a reason for the popularity is the beautiful nature with many mountain streams and springs the Giant Mountains National Park mentioned above Not far away is the town of Harrachov on the river Mumlava. As a sports center, he is known for his five jumps, one of which is among the six highest jumps of the world (165 m).

Spindleruv Mlyn offers a full range of sports and entertainment, taken at mountain resorts. Among them – riding in horse-drawn sleigh, paragliding, fitness, tennis, squash, bowling. Late an outdoor pool and sauna, but even later closed bars and discos of the resort. The hotel has several top-notch restaurants, but to explore the traditions of the edge it is imperative to visit and in mountain huts («bouda»), which serves local cuisine.

The resort has a lot of hotels and guest houses in which there are swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms, discos, fitness centers, restaurants and bars. An on-site ski schools, paragliding school, ski rental and equipment are organized trekking, horse riding, climbing outings, as well as luxury fishing trips on Lake Lusk. furthermore hosts the Europa cup in freestyle skiing and Snow Jam, a professional snowboarding event.


Mountains and Podorlicko tourist area is situated in the northern part of Eastern Bohemia, on the territory of two regions – Hradec Králové and Pardubice. The area has a lot to offer to those interested in nature, history, and culture as well as sports activities

In the southern part you can study history if you visit the bunker line and in winter you will find many places for skiing and winter sports in the Orlik Mountains that is a great place for those who wish undisturbed peace in the nature

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