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Dawn on the Sněžka Mountain

Sněžka is the highest mountain in the Czech Republic. It is a part of the Krkonoše Mountains, in the north-east part of Bohemia. Together it is a border mountain between the Czech Republic and Poland. From Sněžka it is a good view to all directions because there are no more high trees on the mountain and also no other high mountain obstructs the view.

Sněžka Mountain

This is the reason why many people want to see the dawn or the sunset on the Snežka Mountain. And we belong to them. We are no mountain climbers and really are not especially fit. We even do not make any heavy sport. We are average people who like walking anywhere, especially crossing the low Czech mountains.


Once we decided to try to see the dawn on the Sněžka Mountain. We were on our holiday in the Krkonoše Mountains. We were staying near the town of Pec pod Sněžkou – at a cottage that is located between the town of Pec pod Sněžkou and the Sněžka Mountain.

the Sněžka Mountain

We liked the cottage a lot. It was easily equipped, electricity was brought there. There were many beds in that cottage. For sleeping we used our sleeping bags. There was all of the necessary kitchenware in the cottage. So we were able to cook something warm when we needed.


Of course, we did not walk to the Sněžka Mountain only once and only to see the sun dawning. It would be quite risky. First we tried a walk to the Sněžka Mountain during the day. We liked it a lot. The nature around is so beautiful.


First it was a bit difficult to find the right way from our cottage but soon we were walking right. In the Czech mountains you do not need any special equipment. And once you climb up you usually can walk on a plain (the same high level) for long (there are many mountain ridges in the Czech mountains).


We liked the view from the Sněžka Mountain when we got there. Later on we went back to our cottage just the same way as we went to the Sněžka Mountain. The whole rest of the day we were resting and preparing for our night walk there. We were very much looking forward to seeing the dawn there. We were lucky about the weather

snezka view

At night we got up, had a light breakfast, put on our headlamps and began our tour to the Sněžka Mountain dawn. We were glad that we had walked the tour the day before. The night walk was a bit more difficult but we made it. And the dawn on the Sněžka Mountain was a perfect reward for us. We took a portable gas cooker with us so we made our special Sněžka Dawn tea. It was very tasty. And hot – that was good for us because it was very cold there, especially just before the dawn.

Szezka from below

The view was absolutely amazing. We enjoyed it with many other people.



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