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The Sovinec Castle


I live with my husband and two children in Eastern Bohemia. I come from Northern Moravia, my husband comes from Northern Bohemia (we met at the students´ hostel in Eastern Bohemia).

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Interview with an American Musher Living in the Czech Republic


Some time ago we got to know about an American musher who lives in the Czech Republic, whose name is Rodney Lovette.

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Our Stay in a Country but Still Near Prague


We have small children and we all like staying in a country as often as possible. But we really do not want to buy a cottage or anything like that. You know, it is quite expensive and one has their head full of worries with the cottage

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St. Matthew’s Fair in Prague


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Watching sports in the Prague sports bars


Are you afraid that if you travel to Prague you will not be allowed to watch the world´s sport events in a perfect common atmosphere as you are used to from your home town or home country? You do not have to be. Really. You can trust me. I was the same.

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Zorb football in Prague


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