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Visiting Ostrava – a City with a Not Good Reputation


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Watching sports in the Prague sports bars


Are you afraid that if you travel to Prague you will not be allowed to watch the world´s sport events in a perfect common atmosphere as you are used to from your home town or home country? You do not have to be. Really. You can trust me. I was the same.

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Brewery Na Rychte Usti nad Labem


This brewery restaurant reminds a little bit of the Hofbräuhaus in Munich. Of course it is much smaller but you meet always a full house with many people discussing heavily. Short, it is a little bit noisy but the food is

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Admiral lipno


You will find the restaurant right in the center of the village Lipno. You cannot miss it as you will see it from the main road. From Admiral up you have a short walk along the shops with their different

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Restaurant Vetruse Usti nad Labem


The Hotel and the restaurant Veturse are placed on a hill with a beautiful view over Usti nad Laben and the river.

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Demijon Great local Bar


This is just a small little local bar that I discovered just up the road from my hotel. Home from home as far as I was concerned, but that is what I always try to find on my forays –

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Kolkovna Celnice Restaurant

Kolkovna Celnice Restaurant

INTRODUCTION: Kolkovna Celnice is another of the magnificent Kolkovna restaurants to be enjoyed in Prague and like the others you will notice upon their image the great Pilsner Urguell brand whose unique and outstanding beer is one of the defining

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Restaurant Review: Czech Kitchen Prague, “Traditional Czech Food”

Ceská Kutchyne)

May 2013 my husband and I visited Prague in the Czech Republic. During our visit we wanted to have some authentic Czech experiences and read about the Czech Kitchen (Ceská Kutchyne) in our trusty Rick Steves Prague book. According to

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Gourmet Restaurant Meinl

9-23-2014 1-21-51 AM

Just a few steps from Metro station Mustek at Vencels Square you will find the Julius Meinl shop. Julius Meinl  was found already ion the First Republic. At this time well situated people from Prague went shopping there. At the

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Restaurant Oliva Nera Prague


After having a beautiful day in Prague with our friends we wanted to eat something. As we passed by Betlemske namestí in Prague  we decided to sit outside. So we choose a table from the restaurant Oliva Nera. The servants

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