Brewery Na Rychte Usti nad Labem

This brewery restaurant reminds a little bit of the Hofbräuhaus in Munich. Of course it is much smaller but you meet always a full house with many people discussing heavily. Short, it is a little bit noisy but the food is excellent and plentiful. You will sit and drink some more beers before the evening ends.

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Light beer is offered and the specialty is the Mazel beer.  Beer Mazel is a light lager, it is a kind of pilsner beer brewed according to traditional recipes from the Czech light malt of the highest quality and hops from region Zatec. MAZEL has a larger proportion of the residual (not fermented) extract, more saturated color, higher pH, higher content of polyphenol substances, which act as antioxidants. Medium fermentation of beer also means medium alcohol content in it. Beer Vojtech, Ustecan a “Christmas beer”, Ustecky lev, Ustecka Rychtarka light and Cranberry 12 are more light beers you can taste here. The meals are as they have to be in a brewery native and plenty. You will find many offers and themes or events.
Take a look to the web page and learn more about the offer. In  November is St.Martins goose announced, which I will taste for sure.  For groups it is possible to get an excursion through the brewery, but it is necessary to make a reservation ahead. You will find the brewery direct in the center of Usti nad Labem.


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