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An Easy Prolonged Weekend in the North Moravia

We wanted to have just an easy prolonged weekend. We have two little babies – the twins. They are eighteen months. I have not been overnight from home since they were born, but I really needed it to have a little break from them. Fortunately they are quite used to my mum and she was so kind that she offered us to go for a short holiday – she would look after them while we are gone.

Jeseníky Mountains

We live in Poland near the Czech borders. My partner offered me to go abroad. To the Czech Republic. Concretely to a village called Suchá Rudná.  It is a mountain village located in the Jeseníky Mountains, circa seven hundred meters above the sea level.


I liked the village a lot. It is surrounded by forests, situated about 6 kilometers from the Karlova Studánka spa resort. It is an old miners’ settlement on the east border of the Hrubý Jeseník mountain range. Gold used to be mined there.

Pension Holzberg

We booked an accommodation in Holzberg. We found comfortable and well-equipped rooms there. We booked a double room with the double bed, the first class category (a larger one). The room was furnished with made-to-measure solid wood furniture with hand-hammered details. I liked the furniture a lot. Of course, we had a private bathroom, minibar and a private safe.


The breakfast was served from eight to ten o’clock which was a bit late for us. But that was just a detail.


We made our prolonged weekend in the late spring. So we were enjoying the hiking. We had a good weather and really hiked a lot in the surrounding nature, with no screaming children.


Hiling in the Jeseníky Mountains,

The Jeseníky Mountains offers hiking trails of various levels and lengths. We like hiking and with our children we hike a lot – they like sleeping in the prams – when they were smaller they used to sleep in the pram for five hours.


The first day afternoon we hiked to the Anenský Hill. It is about 5 kilometers far from the Suchá Rudná. It lies about 860m above sea level. It makes a part of the Andělská Mountain and it dominates the village of Suchá Rudná in the eastern direction. The pilgrimage church of St. Anna is situated on its summit. We had a very nice view from the Hill – the panorama of the Jeseníky peaks with Praděd.

Praděd – the highest mountain in the Jeseníky Mountains

The second day we went to Praděd. It was quite far – 14 kilometers. The hike was not easy but we enjoyed it a lot. Praděd, circa 1490 meters above the sea level, is the highest mountain of Moravia and Silesia. It is also the symbol of the Jeseníky Mountains and the whole region. On the top there is a 145m-high TV tower with a view terrace in the level of 40m above ground and with a restaurant. The visual conditions we good, so we could see the Beskids, the Krkonoše Range, Polish planes and the High Tatras.


The third day we made just an easy walk to the spa village called Karlova Studánka. It is about six kilometers far from Suchá Rudná. It is situated in the valley of the mountain river Bílá Opava. There we relaxed after our day before hike to Praděd. We really enjoyed it a lot. We were perfectly served

The fourth day we made a hike to the Bílá Opava Waterfalls. The route led across many benches, bridges, ladders; sometimes it was necessary to cling to chains. We were relaxed from the spa so we were able to make it quite well. The waterfalls lie in the height of about 1260 meters above the sea level. The highest waterfall is almost 8 m high.


And the fifth day it was our leaving day. So we just had a breakfast and went back home to our babies. We were relaxed and looking forward to them.


Where to find pension  Holzberg and the Jeseníky Mountains 

Holzberg –Pension & restaurent

Suchá Rudná 42
793 31 Světlá Hora

Telefon: +420 554 230 108
Mobil: +420 722 175 749

E-mail: recepce@holzberg-jeseniky.cz

Web www.holzberg-jeseniky.cz

Prices 500-650 kc / pers

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