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This web portal Explore Czech Republic is a web portal that has the purpose of promoting tourism in the Czech Republic based on user created content and interaction. This is what nanny others also do, but Explore the Czech Republic is more than a web portal.
Thus the purpose is not only to promote “what is” but also to develop the tourist sector by promoting and facilitation of collaboration between parties in the industry, encourage to innovation and an acceleration of web 2.0 marketing.


The initiative to the establishment of was taken by me and Wolfgang Quilitz Product manager for Nova sol Central Europe AS after frequent discussions of the state of tourism in this Country. Wolfgang has years of experiences from Holliday Rentals in the Czech Republic and have a past in promotion and have over the past years worked with innovation and management. What stroke me was how similar the problems that tourism is facing are to the problems businesses faces in general.


In short, it is about lack of capabilities to managing changes and accepts that uncertainty and complexity is the permanent condition to operate under. This might sound academic or like some empty phrase but just think yourself about the difference between how you make decisions in situations where you know and do not know. The keywords for “Not knowing situations” consist of learning, trying, being open minded, flexible, find out what we know and what we think we know etc. From that point the journey towards tourist innovation of new distinctive products can begin.

So what do we know, besides that change is a permanent condition, many people and organizations in this country have realized that the tourists of tomorrow will be different from the truism of yesterday? In the sense they look for experiences and authentic when travel. Sights alone or the typical charter vacation to Mallorca of the 60’es do not sell” many tickets today.

Czech Tourism has certainly realized that, and their campaign “Land of the stories” is a good example on that. They do a good work promoting the country and thee are innovative new products on the market such as wine tours in Moravia, gastronomy vacation and thematic bicycle trips etc. So what is the problem?

To get an idea you can take a look at most of the promotion that takes place today for most of the promotion looks like the promotion 20 years ago with focus on the product or price without paying much attention to how to get share of word , or what “bundle” of experiences it is that specific customers look for.

hat it is not so strange since a majority of Tourist establishments are small companies and for them innovation seems abstract and it is business as usual. Never the less

If we look at countries such as Canada or Australia we will see that it has been possible to engage small and medium sized companies in innovative project.

Our mission is to do our part to facilitate the diffusion of innovation in the tourist business industry in this country. A portal is a rather tangible thing and through a “small scale” scope of the web 2.0 promotion campaigns such project are fit for small scale incremental low risk innovations that tourist establishments can engage in without any larger commitment.

This is the background in brief, in front of lay the challenges of putting it in to practice and It is our hope that someone out there will join the team and discusses on how we can create new ground-breaking ideas to make tourists come to this country because we have what they are looking for



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