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A two day trip to the Krušné Mountains

We wanted to make a summer trip to the Krušné Mountains. In winter we like skiing there but we have not been there in summer yet. We spent out holiday in Moravia but we just wanted to see the Krušné hory at least during one summer weekend.


We chose the area near the village of Moldava. It is located really near the German borders; it belongs to the District of Teplice and to the Region of Ústí nad Labem.

Trainride to the Krušné Mountains

We booked a hotel accommodation there. We like hiking but just some easy hiking. No high mountains and no long trails, our maximum is circa 30 kilometres.


Near Moldava there is a dam called Fláje. We were recommended to make a hike near the dam. Concretely from the Fláje Gamekeeper’s House around the Split Rock, the Swallow spring, the Fláje Dam and back to the Fláje Gamekeeper’s House. Tre trail was about 28 kilometres long and we enjoyed it a lot. We also met some people riding the in-lines on this trail.


The first circa seven kilometres we went from Moldava to the Fláje Gamekeeper’s House


The dam Fláje.

The trail starts on the local road and soon it leads to the forest. It leads up the hill but soon we could continue on a contour forest road. After coming to the crossroad we went left on a paved forest road. The road was very comfortable and was leading to the Split Rock. After getting on the top of the rock we had a beautiful view on the Fláje Dam and on the main ridge of the Krušné Mountains.


The forest road continues (with the red coloured trail) to a guidepost from where you can go to the Swallow spring or to a cottage area called the Upper Village. At the Swallow Spring we had short refreshment. We enjoyed drinking its water, it was very tasty.

The Swallow spring

Later on we kept on walking through the Upper Village cottage area. Then we went down the hill to a pond and there we turned on the educational trail called the Fláje Shipping Canal. The trail leads near the shipping canal.


We did not see the whole canal; soon we left it and turned to a road that led us to the Fláje Dam. We liked the way the dam is composed to the surrounding nature. We had a walk on the barrage. It is not possible to have a bath there – the dam serves as a source of the drinking water.


Where to find Krušné Mountains  the Fláje dam

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