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A Trip to a Tank Training Area Milovice

I was in the same situation as I am every year. My husband´s birthday was drawing nearer. And again I did not have any idea what I should prepare for him as a birthday present. I know that I could buy him some clothes or something to his hobby room. But the fact is that whenever we need something we usually buy it immediately and do not wait until birthday or Christmas.

Every year I want to think of something special he would enjoy. But my phantasy is poor. Several weeks ago I found some interesting web sites – just by chance. What were the web sites? The tank training area Milovice. This area is a large military site of 200 ha, is situated near Nymburk, which is cca. 30 km far from Prague between the R10dual carriageway (Prague – Mladá Boleslav) and the D11 highway (Prague – Hradec Králové).



For many people this would not mean anything. But my husband quite likes things and activities that belong to the army. The Milovice tank training area´s web sites were telling me that the infinite number of provided activities would surely please all adrenaline and military junkies and fans of the active entertainment. I did not have to decide for long. My husband really is a military junky. But I was not brave enough to choose one of the activities they provide.

What do they offer? Not only the individual attractions, but also the actions for groups. The activities people can do there are following: airsoft, paintball, shooting range, commando – SWAT, military trucks, four-wheelers, six-wheelers, infantry fighting vehicle rides, tank driving, JCB digging, shepherding sheep with a dog.


It really was difficult to choose something concrete since I did not know what my husband would prefer. So I made another decision. I would give him the present a bit sooner so that he could find as much information as possible, think of it, decide what to do and in the end book it in a term close to his birthday.



As it turned out later on this was a good idea. Probably the best thing I could do. My husband was enthusiastic by this. He was studying all the information and trying to decide what to. In the end we decided to make this present a several years present – I would buy a voucher to the Milovice area every year and he would choose something else every year.

For the first birthday my husband chose a tank riding and driving. He really was allowed to drive it! And for more he could pulverize a car by the tank!



Before he got into the tank he got some instructionys, safety equipment – special tank helmets and camouflage overalls to keep him clean. The professional tank pilot was driving him through mud, bumps and water in full speed so it was quite a crazy race! He was inviting me to join him but it was nothing for me.

My husband then told me it was a great opportunity to try feeling of driving a real military tank. He really was satisfied. I think he will drive there more than once a year…

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