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A short trip to the town of Příbram

It is very comfortable to stay in Prague because there is always what to do, where to go, what to see and what to eat and drink in this city. It is also very easy to get anywhere within Prague because its public transfer is very well organized (unlike the cars traffic).


But it is also quite easy to get to the nearest towns. You only have to go to some of the Prague´s bus or train stations, get in a bus or in a train and within few minutes you are in a different world. We like travelling to these towns. We are the pensioners already (finally!) and we like the trips that take just one day – I mean that start in the morning from your home and finish in the evening at your home, too. We are lucky because there are many nice places near Prague, where you can get within one or two hours.


Ones we went to Příbram. We had not been to that town before. Several times we had heard about the mines that were in this town. So we tried to surf the internet to find some more information. There is the Mining Open-Air Museum in the Březové Hills where the visitors can see some of the secrets of the deep ground.


First we thought it would not be a trip for us because we cannot walk for a long time, nota bene under the ground in a difficult terrain. But there is a mining train that you can “hop” on. This train takes you through the rich history of Příbram connected with silver, uranium and other ores from the Kelts to the present, both above the ground and under the ground of the mine. We liked this idea a lot so we decided to go there.


First we had to get to the Na Knížecí Bus Station (Anděl) where the busses to Příbram go from. To Příbram we came within one hour. Another about twenty minutes it took to get by a town bus to the Mining Museum.


It was very easy to find it. The exhibition is located in what were formerly operational and administrative buildings. Silver, uranium and other ores used to be extracted there. There used to be three mines in Příbram – Ševčín Mine, Anna Mine and Vojtěch Mine.


We enjoyed the whole “expedition”. We were exploring the long kilometres of shafts, looking into the deepest pit in the local mining district (that at 1600 metres is the deepest one in Central Europe), were going down to the shaft in an elevator and could see a giant water wheel.


We got to know plenty information about the miners’ way of life, saw an extensive collection of minerals and my husband also liked the exposed unique historical mining steam engines.


We also looked at the exposition called the Last European World War II Battle by Slivec near Příbram and also at many of trilobites that come from the locality of Jince – the trilobite exhibition in the Ševčín Mine showed also their behaviour – as the result of a long lasting research.


Our way back to Prague was easy, too. We liked this trip a lot. We plan to go Příbram again, we want to visit the Svatá hora(Holy Hill).


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