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Our family consists of six people – me, my husband and our four children. Me and my husband, we love trips to historic or cultural towns. Our children love trips to places where they can play games or make some sports. The same situation is probably in each family .

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Whenever I plan a trip or a holiday I have to combine culture, games, history and sports, which is fine for all of us. We go for a trip to Prague quite often. We live far from our capital city, more than three hundred kilometres. But we really like the historic and together modern atmosphere of the city centre.


That is one of the reasons why we go to Prague at least four times a year. When I plan our trip I must not leave out some swimming. My children love swimming so much that they are willing to follow us to a gallery or to a monument as soon as they know they would go swimming as a reward.


We have visited several swimming pools in Prague. The Podolí Swimming Pools Complex is the one we like the most. It is the largest swimming centre in Prague, located on the Vltava embankment near the unique historic complex of Vyšehrad.

The Podoli Swimming Pools Complex consists of one indoor swimming pool that is 50 metres long, of two outdoor swimming pools of the length of 50 metres and 33 metres, plus a paddling pool for children. The indoor pool is opened every day. Also the 33 metres outdoor pool is opened every day, because it is heated in the winter months.


The Podolí complex offers much more than just the swimming pools. It features saunas (men’s, women’s and mixed), a steam room, a gym, a restaurant and a café, a giant outside spiral chute with its own landing pool, plus a rehabilitation centre that offers water cures and other services.


We like this pools complex because it is quite easily accessible.  It is located near the Vltava River, so sometimes we walk along the river to get there.

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 When we want to be there as soon as possible we ride a tram. We can choose from the trams no. 3, 14 and 27.  We get off at the Kublov tram stop. From the city centre it takes just a few minutes. And the trams go very often.


A true advantage of this swimming complex is that it features generous opening hours. The whole complex is usually opened from 6 a.m. to 9:45 p.m. It is closed only on the 24th and the 31st of December and on the 1st of January. So we do not have to control the time of our Prague activities when we plan to go swimming afterwards. We know that we can swim almost anytime.


The Podolí swimming pool offers quite inexpensive entrance fees with discounts. The adults pay 110 Czech Crowns for 90 minutes; children pay 65 Czech Crowns for 90 minutes. I like watching the rocks that are near the swimming pools complex. In summer I watch them with a cup of coffee and an ice cream in my hands.


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