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The Křižík´s Fountain (Křižíkova fontána)

“And what to do in Prague during a late spring night?” I asked my boyfriend when he was inviting me for a Prague trip. He wanted to go for some culture. And he suggested the Křižík´s Fountain. “But you know that I don´t like the classical music…” I answered and was a bit disappointed that he still didn´t remember it. After this he smiled and told me that we could go for a performance called the Exotic Night. After watching the Křižík´s Fountain´s web sites I agreed.


This fountain, unique in Europe, offers unforgettable combination of dance, music, water dance and coloured light effects. The water and light showcontents projection of images on a curtain of water; and some laser effects, too.

The fountain was created by a Czech inventor František Křižík for the Jubilee Exhibition in 1891. Those days it was a technical miracle. Křižík used arc lamps that were under a glass ceiling, and there were about 50 water jets around them. Water was forced to squirt via an electric engine up to several metres high. The lamps with colour filters illuminated the water spirts from below

The water squirts changing colours against the dark sky evoked exciting impressions. „Fontaine lumineuse“ was well known throughout Europe.

A hundred years later the renewed fountain was put back to operation during the performance of the Vltava symphony by Smetana. An unforgettable impression is created by three thousand jets, hundreds of underwater lights with five colour spectres and about 60 loudspeakers distributing the sound. The water surface is of about 1,500 square meters. There are pumps underneath the fountain with a displacement of 20 m.

Today, the fountain is controlled by a computer with special software. A new programme must be written for each new performance. The visitors may see light and water performances with classical as well as modern music, or staged performances, such as Carmen or Romeo and Juliet, the Swan Lake, the Water Nymph, the Exotic Night and many others.

After reading everything about the fountain I decided to go. We rode Metro C to Nádraží Holešovice, there we took the tram No. 24 to the Výstaviště Station. I was very much looking forward to the performance! Booking was not necessary (the audience capacity is 6000 people); we bought the tickets at the Křižík’s fountain right before the show.

In few minutes the performance started. It combined the unique play of dancers, water, music and light – with extra projections on the water wall. The whole time I enjoyed the lively waves of rhythms from the regions where this music originates.

Křižík´s Fountain

We were visiting the most exotic dance of the Earth; we became a part of the African rituals, of the Oceania wedding rituals, of the Rio carnival in Latin America, we could see dancing from the Arabic world. I was completely drifted away to the dance, rhythm and unending energy which was gushing from this performance. We were taken from Prague to different beautiful corners of the world.

It was so romantic and exciting! I am so grateful to my boyfriend that he has convinced me to go to Prague to see this performance!


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